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Oh, Sharlee
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Oh, Sharlee

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Posted by Rhonda on February 17, 2002 at 12:59:38:

In Reply to: How long have you got? posted by Sharlee on February 15, 2002 at 19:48:58:

Wow, that is so tough. I feel so much for both of you. It must be hard sometimes, with a child who pushed things so (even if it's not really her fault, given that she has some disabilities) to keep loving her sometimes. (I'm going to guess that she's your child and you do love her, but that sometimes she must make you so angry and tired that those feelings overpower the others) I'm really glad she has this help. Bless the social medicine systems. One thing I wonder, are you seeing someone to talk to who helps you manage the feelings that this situation creates in you? I hope that if you don;t have a counselor that you will get one, because someone is your situation needs the extra help, too, because its such a high pressure situation.

Good luck and my best hopes for you both

: : I believe Harley's the child of Ones. My sister is an Eight, (though never overtly rebellious) and our mother is a One.

: #### My daughter is a 2, but is often deteriorated to 8. Are you postulating that 1's may draw out 8 behaviour? The main issue with my daughter is that she has an intellectual disability. The merry go round she has had with me over the last 5 years is running away from home many times on one occasion turning up thousands of miles away (the charity group that picked her up said that if they did not pick her up, she would have been dead within the month, she went away with no clothes, a backless top, short skirt to zero temperatures), living on the streets not looking after herself, cutting herself, flying into rages if I say no to her request for fast food for example(she is 117kg and I'm trying to get her to diet), behaving aggressively to her carer so that I have to come home from work and she is currently awaiting trial for a robbery she committed when she was "out of it" saw a Jerry Springer show on multiple personalities, got angry and committed the crime. Balancing that, she can be quite "child like' sweet and loving and penitent. She usually gets people to laugh by her expressive face (even the dentist when her mouth is full of instruments!). Reading Riso, he says "Their health falls apart, because as formidable and wilful as neurotic Two's are, the strain of living under enormous contradicitions becomes unbearable........The irony is that neurotic Two's have brought about the very thing they most feared: they want to be loved, but end up being hated, or at least unwanted by anyone. a second darkly comic irony lies in the liklihood that the only person who may be atracted to the unenviable position of caring for an invalid, neurotic Two may be another Two."

: I do not know what type her carer ( she started last October) is but she could well also be another 2 (against this is that she does not tidy up my house when I am at work but then I have not asked her to do this). In reading this, I realise how my daughter has really reached the bottom of Type 2 deteriorated behaviour. Part of the issue is that she has not made the transition from school to post school although no pressures have been plced on her. She did a bit of volunteering work for a while but she becomes quite anxious at change. She has a pyschiatrist and is undergoing care from the disabilty section from the government but we are just holding line ball at the moment. I constantly worry about what will happen next. Sharlee

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