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Fear, Nonsense, and Bullshit
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Fear, Nonsense, and Bullshit

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Posted by Margaret ( on May 28, 2002 at 19:46:12:

So later that night after I thought about what I wrote to Sharlee, that you can't trust names, because they can be forged, but you can trust IP numbers, I looked at what I copied down earlier and made myself see what I should have looked at sooner.
Sure enough, the good guy's numbers (on the left side) and the bad guy's (on the right side) had similar IPs, definitely the exact same number for the first six digits.
I did not and was not about to let the bad guy fool me again into thinking the good guy was just another one of his made-up phony characters that he was playing around with. The same IP numbers, he could have not only made him up, but also made up Allison as well, I thought. That fake.
Well, the last thing I was going to do was end up as another casualty, like that 13-yr-old who got killed after meeting some guy on the internet. So Sunday AM I drove to the one and only library that opened on Sundays to say this, that I am not about to be fooled, and sure enough, wouldn't you know just my luck, it was closed.
So all day Sun and Mon I was tormented, thinking how could this be? How easily fooled I was by Ferrantino as KB, Rotten Apple as Elizabeth, how many others were fake, and could he fake as well?
I did not want to believe this, but I had to err on the side of caution. I was not about to get fooled into meeting a psychopath. I wanted to meet the good guy I thought I knew, not a bad guy, who has tricked me and others before, and could easily do it again.
But how was I to know? That was the problem.
Today, I finally get to the library and found a post by Mikko that all AOL users have the same IPs.
If that's true, then the good news is the good guy was not faked this whole time, he really exists, however, how can one know which one you are talking to if the IPs don't do any good either?
So you basically can fake anyone out by stealing someone's name, and having similiar or same IPs, there's no way for anyone who wants to know the truth to tell.
Other than your inside, you gut. But that is scary to trust all alone, because it too can be wrong.
I don't like these trust issues, this anonymity, this not knowing who the hell you are talking to, or who the hell you're going to meet. I want to know who I'm meeting, who I'm seeing. I don't want it to be a psychotic psychopath. I want it to be someone I trust. Someone I like. All this fake bullshit crap. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of it. This is bullshit. I don't need this.
But how to get past this? I don't want to end up getting faked out again but some psycho weirdo thinking I'm meeting someone nice and instead end up as another casualty figure in the newspaper. How does one get past this?
How, is where I'm at. :(

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