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Slowly, but surely...
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Slowly, but surely...

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Posted by J.M.J. ( on May 30, 2002 at 20:57:49:

In Reply to: And your point being? posted by Mikko ( on May 30, 2002 at 13:07:16:

The posts between Sharlee and "You are boring" were deleted, but not
yours. Clearly you were posting to K.B. No explanation was necessary.
You posted that the deleter ought to do it corectly. I posted that it
seemed an obvious non sequitor (That means, you were not telling Sharlee
she was boring; the intermediate posts were obviously missing.) Then I
proceeded to say that the internet/board/information highway needs some
guidelines/rules/enforcement (precisely because people like K.B. are
ubdisciplined and become "boring.") You responded that I did not know
what you were talking about. Maybe you are right. I assumed the above,
(you never meant that Sharlee was/is boring.) Perhaps you really did
mean Sharlee is boring; and were also criticising improper deletions.
I do not think so.

My point is that the board benefited from moderation, yours included.
Clearly, you were not criticising Sharlee; Clearly you were pointing
out that the "deleter" needed to take additional steps. The "you never
cease to amaze" refered to the "take" that you have on posts. There is
no right or wrong in expression; I just am amazed at how you seem to
interpret various posts. I was being supportive in more than one way.
It is clear that you benefit from very pricise and clearly denotative
communication. I am guilty of being obtuse. I meant no malice; As I
said many of us do not care (are not inflamed/offended/empathize)about
what you say. It is okay with Becca and that is good enough.

I interact face to face with perhaps 30 people daily. Communication is
imperfect but largely successful. I suspect that you and I would not
do well exchanging information. I am willing to accept that as a difference
in temperament and style, neither good, nor bad. In this case I was on
your side. You do not need my empathy. From my point,I won't bother again.
It is too tedious. Again, my sincere thanks for a difficult job. I
thought it was helpful. Same goes for Emily, Diarmuid, Matches. Okay?

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