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in addition to therapy
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in addition to therapy

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Posted by Mini ( on September 24, 2002 at 10:16:18:

In Reply to: extracting yourself from depression.... posted by DQ ( on September 23, 2002 at 12:32:33:

In my case it was the right relationship - I met the man of my dreams - and he was still in love, no, in worship if his ex. My god, I have never felt such turmoil, such pain, I never felt so alive. I had visions during the day, like dreams. I lost at least 10 pounds and since I'm already rather thin, people really started to worry about me. I finally had to get a prescription for sleeping pills, something I would normally never do, but I knew that with the no eating, and the no sleeping (this was after he left) and winter coming, I could get very sick.

During this whole time, it was like my psyche was bubbling, being turned over and over again and I was seeing parts of myself I never knew about revealed to me in high clarity. I managed to shuck so much shit. I managed to develop new attitudes to life.

I was in therapy. I think that I couldn't have used this relationship as something to learn from without my really good therapist going thru the whole thing with me.

My reccomendation for finally getting out of that real depression - the one that paralyzes you - is 1)Therapy 2)Some kind of event that will throw everthing into relief, into perspective, and with the therapist's help, you can see how to learn from it and be transformed.

> There's being depressed (over something) and then there's depression.
> I'm talking the kind of depression where you are unable to motivate to do much of anything at all - lost interest in things you usu. enjoy;
> have difficulty being productive at work.

> Does anyone want to share anything that has been successful (other than or in addition to therapy and/or pharms) to extract yourself from it?
> I'm looking for suggestions. In past experience with this there is no instigating factor. Exercise and proper diet work well, but at the moment I lack the vitality for initiating anything, including these lifestyle changes, that would help. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm taking time off work next week (1st vacation in so very long---no $$ to go away, but at least I'll be away from a toxic work situation); maybe that will contribute to some sort of improvement.
> Thanks for your input.
> Beyond down in the dumps ~ 4w5.

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