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autumn is a nice season
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autumn is a nice season

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Posted by Margaret ( on October 06, 2002 at 13:16:52:

In Reply to: Autumn, time posted by Margaret ( on October 05, 2002 at 15:57:41:

***For some reason, I really like Autumn. I have good memories of many autumn seasons. Although summer is supposedly my favorite season, I have to say, Autumn has the some of the best memories. I like all the ones I spent in Illinois suburbs, the one in Wisconsin, the one in Boston (that was cool), and last year back in the burbs again (that was awesome), I have no reason to fear this autumn. I'll be alright.
I am starting to enjoy myself on the weekends some more now, not so preoccupied and worried about my work on the weekends anymore, not letting it control me as much. Besides, if it doesn't work out, I'm sure I'll find another one, no problem. Everything's okay now. I don't have any problems with anything. I'm doing alright. I'll be okay.
I've been cleaning up my room this weekend, throwing away clutter, things I don't need, things that just take up space. It feels good to be organized. It feels really good. I feel so much better. I have more space in my closet than I thought.
I have a decent wardrobe, very conservative, have some nice business suits for the workweek, some workout clothes for the gym, some nice sweaters and jeans for the winter, and five fancy dresses to go out at night. Three are black, one green, one blue. Three are sequins, the other two black ones are satin. I also got black and silver very high heels and purses to match. I got all these stuff last year at this time, I searched all over for the prettiest ones I could find. Got everything at thrift shops, none of them fit at the time of course, but I didn't care, I wanted what was pretty. All I had to do was take them to the tailor. I got them all taken in, skin tight and shortened. (actually, one of the satin black still needs more work, but that's okay, I'll get it finished in due time).
Because my thinking was if I was to come out to the east coast the following year, what if I need something fancy to wear in the evenings? So I wanted to make sure I had something that looked nice, just in case. My only thought now however, are they still in style? Cause I got them all a year ago. I might have to update the black shoes. But that's okay, I think for the most part, they are still in style, mainly because I usually get clothes that are "dateless", not really the 'latest style', but more standard type things that can be worn any time, any year, with any prevailing fashion trend.
And my room is so much cleaner now, I feel so much better about that, having a messy room makes me feel lazy, sluggish, and unmotivated. Having it cleaned and organized, makes me feel so much better, much more on top of things. My stuff is all together, my job is keeping me on my feet for the time being at least, all I have to do now is take my car in to fix the exhaust. I don't want to get stuck with a broken car again. It's important to keep up with maintenance. Aside from this, I feel pretty much caught up on things for the most part. That makes me feel better about myself.
Today is Sunday. It is football season. I feel like watching a football game. Usually, every Sunday I would watch the Green Bay Packers with my father. But this year, I haven't watched a single game since I've came out here. It's the east coast. But it's okay if it's not the Packers. It can be another team. I just need to watch it, that's all. And preferably with others who enjoy it too. It's more enjoyable that way.
It is autumn, it is nice outside, it is getting cooler, darker earlier, soon daylight savings time, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I am content. Things are going okay now. Everything is coming along okay. I am content. Time is passing. I am doing alright.

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