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Re: Margaret? Are you there? (Its me God... ;)
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Re: Margaret? Are you there? (Its me God... ;)

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Posted by Margaret ( on April 26, 2003 at 16:00:49:

In Reply to: Margaret? Are you there? (Its me God... ;) posted by Muni ( on April 24, 2003 at 16:12:46:

> How are you doing?
Okay. I closed 18 deals this month, the youngster next to me closed 6. Although still not pleased with the 50/50 commission split, I've decided I am still going to hang in there fro the meantime, because it's better than unemployment. Besdies, it's not so bad, the people are nice. I like them.

Meanwhile, I have better thoughts, I think eventually I would like to get out of this and into something more humanitarian, something that helps people, society become a better healthier place. I am looking to get into the medical field. I would like to become a doctr, a surgeon and save lives.If I can't get into med school though, then perhpas become a medical writer and publicize information about new cures and non-invasive surgical procedures that will help save lives. I read an article about a new spinal surgery technique that made rats who were paralized walk again. As well as better surgery techniques for aneurythm paitents that is either not widely used, learned about, or legalized by FDA, we need to bring these discoveries out to the public and help save more lives. i want to be invovled in this somehow.

> Don't dissapear. Hang in there, & take a look at the responses to your last post in the 4 board. All of them except "Lentil" (I guess that is who posted as Masina) meant well, even when they were harsh with you.

I Thank you and the others for your support. That was very thoughtful of you and everyone else.

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