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The Drive..., a sore thumb?
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The Drive..., a sore thumb?

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Posted by Dee ( on September 13, 2003 at 13:11:41:

Dee Type 4w3 on a good day Type 1 -Conscentious Adventurer Style

A five hour drive to a different city on business trip to play golf.
I started my new job, insurance underwriter in January and went on a business trip via driving with a fellow underwriter, supervisor and manager.
The first thing I packed was my Advil and cigarettes. I said to myself the night before, "Dee, you can do it!" See, it wasn't the golf that was going to be my challange, it was the trip there and back!
Underwriter - Type 9w1
Supervisor - Type 1w2
Manager - Type 3w4
My manager spoke the whole time and demands your undivided attention. "yes, you're right Manager. Yes, I'm wrong manager.."
We all had to listen and agree with what she had to say, and it was taking it's toll on well, me anyway...
She covered every issue from car accidents to why Dee is so quiet at work. "Dee, I've never heard you speak more than one sentence at a time, what's up with that?" Everytime I tried to answer her question, she was on the next subject. Supervisor said, "she's just like me, she isn't a blabber mouth." Underwriter, "Dee talks alot and has interesting things to say manager, I'm surprised at what you're saying." Manager, "well, Dee you sure are an unusual one, that's all I have to say!" staring at me in the rear view mirror with her eyes peering over her sunglasses expressionless.

The drive home...
Before we got into the car, I told them all how I hurt my thumb while golfing and showed them it and said, "it must be a pulled muscle, at least I hope that's all it is. I had to stop golfing on the 7th hole." Manager, "I hurt my finger, does anyone have a band-aid? Let's stop off at Tim Horton's on the way home for coffee." Supervisor, "Is that right Dee, hmmm.." Underwriter, "Are you going to be ok?" I didn't say anything, just noded my head yes.
The first hour on the way home was listening to how my manager cut her finger and that she has had cuts before and it's all psychological, that if she doesn't think about it, it won't bug her. Supervisor, agreeing to her theory and underwriter telling her story about how she needed stitches for a cut one time. Not once did anyone ask me how my thumb was doing on the way home, they just kept asking how managers cut on finger was and at Tim Horton's underwriter got a band-aid for her from the cashier.
(she cut her finger while at the driving range with her finger nail, whippdee frigin doo, I'm mean.. get over it!)
"Now, where were we when driving up here guys? "Oh, Dee.. tell us why you're so quiet!!" I said, "I'm not quiet, when I'm at work I'm trying to concentrate on what I'm doing, I don't want to make mistakes." A pause, silence that was broken with "don't get me wrong Dee, you just come across as p r e t t y strange!" Both underwriter and supervisor gasped out loud.
"Dee, do you have any future goals? Are you happy Dee, because I worry that you're hiding something. There's nothing worse than seeing someone with potential letting it go to waste!" I said, "what do you mean? I'm happy, I'm taking a acting course Monday nights, have friends and good family." she said, "oh, well maybe you can show it more at work that you're happy because the people around you are happy Dee and you need to join in!" and "I'm happy to hear you have your driver licence again Dee because it doesn't look good on you that you didn't have it's important to keep with what everyone else is doing, it look's good on you, doesn't it ladies?" They both agreed and told me that she is right.
This whole time my thumb is throbbing and my head is spinning in rage.
"Why didn't you drink on the course or at dinner Dee, do you not like drinking. See, Dee everyone needs to lighten up and that's what the broker needed to see was you as a enlighened individual who can join in and have fun! Were you a drinker at one time Dee.., is that what it is?"
(everything she was saying was none of her damn business!!)
The truth NEVER came out of my mouth through the whole drive and when she dropped me off at home, she opened the trunk gave me my bag and said while looking over her glasses and grinning "you have a nice night! Oh, Dee.. we all start early and leave late from work, you should join us, we get donuts and coffee so we'll see you on Monday!" (the average person at my work starts an hour before they have to and my supervisor and manager start 31/2 hours before their scheduled shift. Both underwriter and myself were encouraged to do this both on the drive there and back).
My thumb is very sore today and my brain is too.
Question: Why is it that these people get ahead and are blessed with financial freedom while I live from pay cheque to pay cheque?

Dee : )

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