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Re: The Drive..., a sore thumb?
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Re: The Drive..., a sore thumb?

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Posted by Dee ( on September 15, 2003 at 17:01:34:

In Reply to: Re: The Drive..., a sore thumb? posted by Raz62 ( on September 15, 2003 at 14:45:41:

> > Question: Why is it that these people get ahead and are blessed with financial freedom while I live from pay cheque to pay cheque?

> > Dee : )

> >

> >>>>>Oh my god-- you sound a lot like me in that story.

> Have you read my story about going for drinks on my 40th BD and then being totally ignored by 45-, 46- and 56-yr-old guys while they talked only to my 25-yr-old friend, culminating in the 56-yr-old asking her to a Stones concert and she accepted, and I'm sitting there like, "This CANNOT be happening, this is all so wrong and fucked up and they CANNOT be that ignorant, no one can!!!" And then, like you, I ask, and why are these three guys who are slime making about 10x more than I am?????????? And they ALWAYS have more. All I have are my (stupid) (hurt) feelings.

> Anyway, Dee, I didn't realize you went through so much stuff with your 3/4 boss. Abusive. You seem like a great person to me so try not to let her get to you.

Hi, thanks for responding.. I thought I might have been talking to myself again...lol.
MEN, such sensitive creature aren't they!! Especially suits, they're a real treat!

Type 3w4 manager is all about success and is very passionate with music and romantic stuff I found out during the drive.
I don't know... I think that she goes for it, you know successful people walk over everyone and everything to get to the top. I felt like saying, "hey, you're at the top don't need to be walking all over me, CHILL!"
We do sound alot alike Raz, I think, well I know we are both 4w3 INFP. We are the type that is right most of the time, but we assume everyone knows it but unless we speak up and speak out, then no one will. I'm fucking intuitive like scary intuitive. It's not always a blessing, that's for sure! My mother is the same way..., she gives me the creeps! She new when both her parents passed before the phone ringed. My sister's are the same way... "where am I going with this...lol" anyway, if you ever need a psychic reading, holler.. lol.


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