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Re: I desperately NEED some CARE!!!!!!
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Re: I desperately NEED some CARE!!!!!!

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Posted by Dee ( on September 26, 2003 at 16:36:14:

In Reply to: Re: I desperately NEED some CARE!!!!!! posted by Raz62 ( on September 26, 2003 at 13:24:51:

> > > I've had it, had it with this place. I've bent over backwards taking on all kinds of work that goes beyond my job description -- for example, I'm about to train a new guy on all of our procedures. (Office manager work but he delegated it to me.) Before that, I did something for an analyst because she fired her own associate and her admin asst. said she was too busy to help her. Do I get anything for this? According to my boss, none of these people that I go out of my way to help gave me anything in my last bonus -- but some of them gave to the cure receptionist. That is part of the problem too -- I am being socially ostracized again. Why? Is someone badmouthing me behind my back and I don't even know it? I don't see why else I would be treated this way!!!! My boss won't answer my emails as to me being reclassified as exempt or as to raises next year. I'm going to email him again - what have I got to lose ecept a job that has taken me and trodden me down to some clerical --HS diploma -- 2 years work experience level? (Remember, I'm in actuality a professional -- Bachelor's degree -- 8+ years full time experience in corporate communications with SUPERIOR performance reviews) HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!! Somebody care please!!!!! Before this Board shuts down!!!!!!!

> >
> > I CARE!

> > I'm having a crappy day at work too. I was told this morning that I'm not pulling my weight. I felt like screaming the truth but it would be no use anyway. I just went red in the face as usual and bit the bullet. I feel better though that I did because I don't really want to lose my job. Do you? Take time for yourself this weekend to reflect and then write down what's going on good and bad. Be honest with it and look at the affirmation and release statement for Type 4 at the same time. Let me know how you do.

> > I care, big hugs!

> > Dee

> >>>>>>You're not pulling your weight?!?!?! Then you are supposed to goo goo gaa gaa over some men who are doing less work?!?!?! When do we get OUR egos stroked??????????? Well it helps to know that it's insane all over . . .

> is Toronto in which province, BTW, Quebec or Ontario? We really are talking about moving -- it would put us right between (but north of) his relatives (central Wisconsin) and my relatives (Philadelphia).


try the link. It's in Ontario.
Come on up!

Dee : )

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