Hurley & Dobson - What's My Type?

Five: The Observer

Deception: Superiority (Greed)
Pseudo-deception: Emptiness
Antidote: Generosity
Pseudo-antidote: Gathering observations
Illusion of Reality: Being objective
Self-justification: "I have found the key to satisfaction."
Time Orientation: Reflect on past experiences
Approach to Problem Solving: Withdrawing: "I am satisfied."
Relationship to Life: Way of Subjugation: "I meet life head on."


  1. Do you relish and even require extended periods of time alone to ponder and sort out the important issues of life?
  2. Do you have an unquenchable thirst for new experiences, new adventures, or new knowledge, and are you quickly bored by repetition?
  3. Do you usually have a point of view different from everyone else's and find yourself amazed at the lack of rational thinking behind others' conclusions?
  4. Do you enjoy talking about and planning a project for months, even years, but find your enthusiasm slipping away at the prospect of beginning the hard work of actually doing it?
  5. In personal relationships, do you often feel frustrated and pull back because others misread your intentions?
  6. Are you generally impatient with group decisions, becoming restless and irritated as others ramble on and on about unrelated, unimportant issues?
  7. Do you tend to see the absurdity of life and enjoy throwing people off guard by pointing out the ridiculous with wit and humor?
  8. Do you place great value on individualism, personal freedom, and space and become quickly interested by anything new, unexpected, or unexplored?
  9. Are the social interactions of your life initiated primarily by others, even when you want to be included or want some form of communication?

Kathleen V. Hurley & Theodore E. Dobson

What's My Type?
Use the Enneagram System of Nine Personality Types to Discover Your Best Self
HarperSanFrancisco, 1991, 186 pages