Riso - Understanding the Enneagram

Personality Type Five: The Thinker
The Perceptive, Analytic, Eccentric, Paranoid Person

Childhood Origin: Ambivalent to parental-figures.
Basic Fear: Of being overwhelmed.
Basic Desire: To understand the environment.
Healthy Sense of Self: I am perceptive.
Characteristic Temptation: To be too analytic.
Characteristic Vice: Avarice.
Characteristic Virtue: Understanding.
Hidden Complaint: I am so smart that no one else can understand the things I understand or appreciate the things I know.
Key Defense Mechanisms: Displacement, projection, isolation.

Don Richard Riso

Understanding the Enneagram:
The Practical Guide to Personality Types
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1990, 288 pages