Riso - Enneagram Transformations

Personality Type Five: The Thinker
The Intellectual, Analytic Type

I now release...

  • all fearfulness of the world around me.
  • all feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.
  • my fear of being violated or overwhelmed by others.
  • my dark and destructive fantasies.
  • isolating myself by rejecting others.
  • believing that no one can be depended on.
  • desiring to antagonize others and ruin their peace of mind.
  • being cynical and contemptuous of the normalcy of others.
  • fearing that others will exploit me.
  • feeling that I am a misfit in life.
  • being secretive and hiding from people.
  • postponing my emotional needs.
  • neglecting my physical health and appearance.
  • the agitation and restlessness of my mind.
  • feeling that I always need to know more before I do anything.
  • avoiding my life by escaping into my mind.

I now affirm...

  • that I am secure and grounded in the reality of my own life.
  • the strength and wonder of my body.
  • the value of my inventiveness and sense of humor.
  • that I accept uncertainty and abiguity.
  • that my life and struggles are meaningful and rewarding.
  • that I have faith in the future and in human beings.
  • that I reach out to others confidently as an equal.
  • that I find serenity in being compassionate toward others.
  • that I support others from the fullness of my heart.

Don Richard Riso

Enneagram Transformations
Release and Affirmations for Healing Your Personality Types
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993, 129 pages