Palmer - The Enneagram

Point Seven: The Epicure

The preoccupations of Point Seven include:

  • The need to maintain high levels of excitement. Many activities, many interesting things to do. Wanting to stay emotionally high.
  • Maintenance of multiple options as a way to buffer commitment to a single course of action.
  • Replacement of deep contact with pleasant mental alternatives. Talking, planning, and intellectualizing.
  • Charm as a first line of defense. Fear types who move toward people. Avoid direct conflict by going through the cracks. Talk your way out of trouble.
  • An attentional style of interrelating and systematizing information, such that commitments necessarily include loopholes and other backup options. This style of attention can lead to
    • Rationalized escapism from difficult or limiting tasks.
    • The ability to synthesize unusual connections and parallels between what appear to be antagonistic or unrelated points of view.

Helen Palmer

The Enneagram:
Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life
Harper & Row, 1988, 392 pages