Palmer - The Pocket Enneagram

Point Seven: The Epicure

The world is full of opportunity and options. I look forward to the future.

What helps Epicures

  • Observe the attraction to stimulation and new experiences.
  • Learn how opting for pleasure can also be a flight from pain.
  • Note mental evasions: Multiple projects, new options, and visionary plans can herald an escape from difficulty.
  • See how substituting pleasant ideas for realistic action creates procrastination and problems with completion.
  • Discover how superficial ativities can replace depth experience.
  • Gluttony goes hand in hand with entitlement. "I deserve the best."
  • Face the scope of real responsibilities and commitments.
  • Note the fears that arise when self-worth is challenged. Feeling either superior or inferior to others. Wanting to stay in the superior position.
  • Question the belief that opposition can be disarmed with charm.
  • Notice the tendency to interpret realistic evaluation as criticism.
  • Be willing to close down possibilities and commit to a single course of action.

Helen Palmer

The Pocket Enneagram:
Understanding the 9 Types of People
Harper & Row, 1988, 90 pages