Callahan - The Enneagram for Youth

Type Eight: The Chief

Personality Identification

What do I want most?

  • I want to be in control, to lead, and to show that I am stronger than others.

What is most important to me?

  • It is important to me that I be in control of what goes on around me.

What is the worst thing that could happen to me?

  • The worst thing that could happen to me is that things around me get out of control.

How do I see myself (on a good day)?

  • I am different, independent, decisive, and respected.

Path of Peace: Eight (Chief) looks to Two (Caretaker)

By genuine love for others, an Eight frees itself from self-concern and becomes a champion for others. It picks up the compassion of a healthy Two, the parental instincts of a healthy Nine, the perceptiveness of a healthy Five, and the spontaneous joy of a healthy Seven.

I am loving.
[2. Caretaker]
I am enthusiastic.
[7. Materialist]
I am noble.
[8. Chief]
I am a guardian.
[9. Peacemaker]
I am defensive.
[5. Watcher]

Path of Storms: Eight (Chief) looks to Five (Watcher)

An Eight becomes vengeful, like an unhealthy Five, when seeing itself as besieged, becomes socially disengaged like an unhealthy Nine, becomes selfishly manipulative like an unhealthy Two, and plunges into a world of selfish pleasure like an unhealthy Seven.

I am manipulative.
[2. Caretaker]
I am hedonistic.
[7. Materialist]
I am vengeful.
[8. Chief]
I am isolated.
[9. Peacemaker]
I am besieged.
[5. Watcher]

A Counseling Approach

  • Yes, you are a loving caring person. Once people trust you they will be loyal to you.
  • Yes, the secret to getting along with others is to cooperate with them.
  • Yes, people will not attack you if you notice their needs and fears and treat them in a friendly way.
  • Yes, I'm sure that you realize that the pleasures of life are for sharing It's also important to realize that pleasures turn on you if you make a pig of yourself.

You are blessed with a lot of personal power. You can use this power for good or for harm. If you use it for good, the world will love and respect you. If you use it for harm, the world will turn on you, and you will be miserable. It's your choice.

Rev. William J. Callahan, S.J.

The Enneagram for Youth
Counselor's Manual
Loyola University Press, 1992, 156 pages