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Type 1. Reformer

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   Baron & Wagele - Are You My Type, Am I yours?

The Perfectionist (the One)

Perfectionists see anger as a character flaw and repress it.

Self-Preservation Ones: "Worried and Anxious"

  • Hardly a minute goes by when I'm not worrying about something: my finances, job security, the condition of the world, or little things such as what to buy for dinner.
  • Changes in routine make me anxious.
  • I may stay in an inappropriate or unsatisfying job for years rather than undergo the anxiety of looking for something new that I might like.
  • I feel as if one error could ruin everything.
  • I assess every last detail in advance in order to keep my life perfect and under control. When I finish worrying about myself, I worry about whether my loved ones are going to be safe and sound.
  • I often imagine that someone is checking up on me or scrutinizing and criticizing everything I do.
  • I frequently compare myself to other people, correct myself a lot, and apologize -- or feel that I should apologize.
  • Sometimes I procrastinate because I'm afraid to make a mistake.

Relational Ones: "Insecure and Jealous"

  • I tend to be overly possessive.
  • I worry that my loved one will reject me for a more attractive or perfect person.
  • I obsessively compare myself with others.
  • When my partner or friend makes a positive comment about another person, such as, "He is a great cook," I get upset and think she means I am not a great cook.
  • I feel ashamed and insecure when I experience boiling anger or jealousy. Sometimes I act overly enthusiastic or positive to cover up the feelings I think are improper.
  • I become indignant when someone who doesn't deserve it gets honored or promoted or doesn't have to worry as much as I do about earning a Living.
  • I like the intensity of being fully and passionately engaged with another person.
  • I try to get my partner to meet my high standards and expectations in order to make him or her -- and our life together -- better.

Social Ones: "Adaptable or Unadaptable"

  • Sometimes I defend what I believe in so adamantly, it puts me on the outs with people.
  • There are times when I really want to reform something or someone, but I quietly simmer rather than rock the boat. It's important to try to get along.
  • I've been accused of being unyielding, but I deliberate carefully and thoroughly in forming my opinions and can see no reason to change them.
  • I believe in cooperation, but I will not go along with anything that is completely against my principles.
  • When people don't perform up to my standards, I feel I must set them straight.
  • I am drawn to groups that share my ideals, but sometimes I end up overworking because the others don't get things done right. I often feel resentful and have to leave.

Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

Are You My Type, Am I Yours?
Relationships Made Easy Through the Enneagram
HarperSanFrancisco, 1995, 184 pages

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