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Type 1. Reformer

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   Callahan - The Enneagram for Youth

Type One: The Judge

Personality Identification

What do I want most?

  • I want to be morally right, to improve myself so that no one will be able to say that I am not good.

What is most important to me?

  • It is important to me that people behave as they should.

What is the worst thing that could happen to me?

  • The worst thing that could happen to me is that I become morally corrupt, a failure in my own eyes.

How do I see myself (on a good day)?

  • I am a person with high principles -- logical and orderly.

Path of Peace: One (Judge) looks to Seven (Materialist)

When a One lowers its intensity, it acquires the joyful energy of a healthy Seven, the caring of a healthy Two, the empathy of a healthy Four, and the easygoing nature of a healthy Nine.

I am productive.
[7. Materialist]
I am patient.
[9. Peacemaker]
I am good enough.
[1. Judge]
I am loving.
[2. Caretaker]
I am understanding.
[4. Symbol Maker]

Path of Storms: One (Judge) looks to Four (Symbol Maker)

When a One becomes compulsive, it becomes jealous like the unhealthy Four, becomes the punishing "helper" like the unhealthy Two, indolent like an unhealthy Nine, and anxious like an unhealthy Seven.

I am anxious.
[7. Materialist]
I am lazy.
[9. Peacemaker]
I am righteous.
[1. Judge]
I am punishing.
[2. Caretaker]
I am resentful.
[4. Symbol Maker]

A Counseling Approach

  • Yes, it is amazing how much energy you have when you are no longer tired by the anxiety of having to do everything perfectly.
  • Yes, when you let others be who they are, you become a very loving person.
  • Yes, accepting your own weaknesses makes you more understanding of others and able to accept the way they are.
  • Yes, accepting yourself and the world as it is gives you the patience to do the things you need to do and to achieve what you can achieve.
  • Yes, accepting yourself as being good enough brings you closer to others since being good enough for yourself is what counts.

Rev. William J. Callahan, S.J.

The Enneagram for Youth
Counselor's Manual
Loyola University Press, 1992, 156 pages

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