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Dynamics of Type 3: Motivator

World View: The world values a champion. Avoid failure at all costs.
Basic Desire: to be admired
Basic Fear: of being rejected

Healthy loop controlled by Basic Desire:
Need to be admired -> self-improvement -> admired -> Need to be admired

In the healthy state, the need to be admired induces Type Threes to work hard to improve themselves and succeed, which often cause others around them to admire them. When Threes feel admired, the need is satisfied and a balance is reached.

In the average state, when Threes' are not working hard to improve themselves, others admire them less, which increases Threes' need to be admired. Thus this helps Threes to again work hard to improve themselves. Thus the balancing loop can help Threes to recover.

Unhealthy loop controlled by Basic Fear:
Fear of being rejected -> compete -> admired -> Fear of being rejected

In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of being rejected can cause Type Threes to be competitive and hostile towards others as a defense, which makes them even less admirable, and further increases Threes' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.

We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Threes can refrain from being competitive but focus on self-improvement instead. This will lead to genuine admiration from others and lessen the fear of rejection.

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