Enneagram Examples

Type "Healthy" Examples "Unhealthy" Examples
1 Confucious (teacher)
Ralph Nadar (reformer)
Nurse Ratchett from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
(rigid, self-righteous)
2 Mother Teresa
(unconditional love)
Glenn Close's role in "Fatal Attraction"
(manipulative, seductive need for love)
3 Michael Jordan
(successful, competitive, driven)
OJ Simpson
(phony and destructive)
4 Edgar Allen Poe
Michael Jackson
(painfully shy, feels inadequate)
5 Marie Curie
(selfless thinker)
(reclusive, isolated from reality)
6 Mel Gibson
(affectionate, trusting)
7 John F. Kennedy
Howard Stern
8 Franklin D. Roosevelt
(strong, powerful)
(brutal dictator)
9 Nelson Mandela
(peaceful means to peace)
Ronald Reagan
(neglectful, lost)

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