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Theophrastus characters - the superstitious person
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Theophrastus characters - the superstitious person

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on July 08, 2003 at 09:56:18:

Dear Rich,

Can we agree on Idiosyncratic Style with this case?;

case text citation:

Of Superstition

SUPERSTITION we may define, A reverend awfull respect to a Soveraignty or divine power. But he is superstitious, which with washt hands, and being besprinkled with holy water out of the Temple, bearing a bay leaf in his mouth, walketh so a whole day together. If that a Weasel cross the way, he will not go forward untill another hath past before him, or he hath thrown three stones over the way. If he see any Serpents in an house, there hee will build a Chapell. Shining stones which are in the common ways, he doth anoint with oil out of a viall; not departing untill he hath worshipped them upon his knees. But if a Mouse hath gnawn his meal bag, he repaireth instantly to his Wizards, adviseth with them what were best to be done: who if they answer, that it should be had to the Botchers to mend, our superstitious man, neglecting the Sooth-sayers direction, shall in honour to his religion emptie his bag and cast it away. He doth also often times perfume, or purify his house: He stayeth not long by any grave or Sepulcher: He goeth not to funeralls, nor to any woman in child-bed. If he chance to have a vision, or any thing that's strange, in his sleep, he goeth to all the Sooth-sayers, Diviners, and Wizards, to know to what god or goddess he should present his vows: and to the end he may he [sic] initiated in holy Orders, he goes often unto the Orphetulists, how many moneths with his wife, or if she be not at leisure, with his Nurse, and his daughters. Besides, in corners, before he go from thence, sprinkling water upon his head, he purgeth by sacrifice: and calling for those women which minister, commandeth himselfe to be purged with the sea-onion, or bearing about of a whelp. But if he see any mad man, or one troubled with the falling sickness, all frighted and dis quieted, by way of charm, his manner is to spit upon his bosom.

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