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Jan: reflections on your riddle
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Jan: reflections on your riddle

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Posted by Rich ( on July 12, 2003 at 17:46:59:

Hello Jan:
I think that we should start with the very basics of the personality styles. Three main styles form the majority of an individual's personality. Next, because its so obvious, its often forgotten:
1 What order are the styles in?
2 And how strong is each particular style?
Your riddle of why the Contrary-Leisurely Style can alot like the Conscientious, Vigilant, or Serious styles and yet fits the " lazy bum " archtype, is because the C-L is missing other styles that would get it going! If we look at the 9W8 with the Contrary-Leisurely Style as the strongest style, and has weak wing 8 ( Aggressive Style ), and no people pleasing, or work oriented styles, well, what else can one expect?

If you look at the 6W7, Devoted-Consciencious-Leisurely, the Contrary-Leisurely being 3 of 3, can be weak enough in some, so as not to stop work orientation & meeting security needs. The lady 6W7/ESFJ I worked with was like this. She was almost Dramatic Style in expecting rewards for the things she did for others.... ( yet sounded like an E 1 Conscientious Style type! ) Or, the 1W9, you mentioned, Idiosyncratic-Conscientious-Leisurely, that seems to external observers, to be mainly Conscientious Style. The classic perfectionist....

I have been giving this matter some thought, because I had been talking to the close family 6W7 member about how easy it was to learn, without much effort..... The 6W7 gave the usual C-L answer, its pretty easy, just avoid it when it isn't easy! Rich

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