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Confusing Personality
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Confusing Personality

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Posted by Frog ( on July 13, 2003 at 20:37:04:

So what do you think as far as ennea/oldham/myers-briggs types go for this person if you had to classify her? I am not that knowledgeable about classification, so I need some help with this one. TY so much. I have used "she" but this is a "he." Don't ask why, lol

She is given to extremes--whether it be a belief system, organization, new hobbie, work, idea, career. One month, she is a writer. The next month she will be the next senator. That was the power hungry month. Then comes the artistic month, where she is going to write a book, a screenplay, or lots of poems. Then besides that, she has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She has many books on many different subjects. Most of the books have only been read halfway through. It has to really really grab her for her to finish it. When a new subject interests, she is like a sponge. And she is very smart, to the point that she shows promise in pretty much anything she does. The only problem is she never sticks anything out. And it appears as if there has been a total shift of personality. If she starts to get into rockclimbing, everything in her life will focus around rockclimbing. As a matter of fact, at one time or another, she has been dead sure that she was an ennea-type, and would sometimes imitate that type's behavior.

She has a tendency to make people feel open up to her. She is often the one asking the questions, and lets people talk about themselves. SHe has a way to key into their needs and values, and often times she will adjust her thinking/value structure to resemble theirs. But also, she has the power of being alone, even though she can be quite extraverted with others. For instance, she got up one day and drove across the country alone, sometimes going far out of her way just to do a day hike she read about in a magazine. Or she'll go to the movies all by herself, which she prefers to do. Or she'll go out to eat and sit at a table and be perfectly content to be by herself. She knows everyone though in the town, and could very well be among the most popular. However, she has few close, close friends, and hardly ever goes out in big groups. And she always controls that she drives, where they go, when they leave, etc. In conversation, she has to lead, always, usually with questions, and quick interjections, and subject changes. Sometimes, she has a habit of turning her back on an important conversation, not because the importance scares her, but because she views another person's importance as small-talk.

The emotions behind her imperious voice are strong as well. At a philsoophy club or in open discussions, she would often find herself taking on the whole group by making an extreme, politically-incorrect statement. She has a knack for getting under someone's skin if she would like. Once she gave a presentation at the philosophy club about a philosophical system that she named after herself. Her points were actually good, and alot of them had roots in some other philosophy for which she wasn't aware, but the way she presented it infuriated people. When challenged, she started calling people names. She told one girl in the group to "go and lose some weight before challenging me." But right after the group disassembled, she could talk to the very people she snapped at in a calm, friendly demeanor, and often she would snicker when someone was telling her about how crazy she was. And somehow, within a few semesters, she managed to become president of the philosophy club after driving many of the former members away. Oh my God, I'll never forget it. A teacher was giving a presentation in the philosophy club. It had been going on over 20 minutes. I guess the presentation wavered a little from philosophy, and it so happened that elections for a new president had been postponed another week. So she was outside the classroom telling two other students that they had to "storm the classroom like the bastille and declare the meeting over in favor of elections." She did just that, telling the lecturer that this was a philosophy club and they needed to have elections. He retreated with kids who were there just for extra credit in his regular class. The only students that were eligible to vote were her two friends and a few others. They elected her president and her friend secretary. They went around telling other teachers what happened, using terms like "storming the bastille" a "coup-de'tat"

Most of her books revolve around power in one form or another, usually about people who are strong and dominant. She loves how-to books on manipulation, leadership, power, seduction, mind control, dictators, and other machiavellian subjects. Often, she will look at a situation from the perspective of who is trying to get over on who, who is weak, who is strong, and the strategy she would have to follow to rising to the top. Has she actually gone through with this. Well she hasn't been involved with anything long enough to do so. Hell! She has been known to quit jobs just to show up at a school dance, or go out on a date that she sees as a long term potential even though its a first date. She has divulged to me that she always imagines the other person as thee one, the two of them living together, with kids, happy, etc. Her relationships usually don't last too long, and are soiled with turmoil, jealousy, criticism(on her behalf), control issues, and her need to have her own time to do what she wants.

She has a chameleon like power. She went to Ireland for a semester abroad, and while most of the students stayed among one another, she was living it up in the town. She could immerse herself in the culture to the point she would be speaking the dialect, and using words common to the natives. Sometimes she would not come back to the dorms until the next morning. Sometimes she would bring another girl home to the dorms. She had five one night stands. She would go to a club alone and end up bringing one back to her dorm. She was always satisfied when other dorm mates knew that she had done so, and would often imagine that kind of information traveling through the grapevine, and everyone wondering how she must have some power over other woman to do so. She would try to set up interactions between her guests and the other students so the other students knew that she was out carousing the town. She has always been like that.

During that trip, her middle-class mom gave her a credit card to use sparingly if in trouble. She ended up charging 2,000 dollars worth of clothes and other totally unnecessary things. SHe has always had a habit of recklessly throwing money away on spur of the moment whims. And most of the clothes she bought, she doesn't even wear anymore. She just "had to have it at the time!" Usually she dresses in a T-shirt and jogging pants. Other times she will dress like she was in hollywood. She just hates to spend time looking for an outfit. She would rather throw one on and leave. Also, she hates details, and often overlooks or forgets them, and wonders how others can get so worked up about it.

She is also very competitive, and loves to immerse herself in competition, often turning a friendly night out for pool into a bloodthirsty battle. If she starts to lose a lot, she resigns, and you can see the energy of her personality drain out of her. If her dominance and superiority is upheld, then it is hard not to be swept away by her energy. If challenged, she will go out of her way to master whatever it is she is competing in. She thinks about her future in terms of giant successes. If she wants to be an academic, she has to be the one to make a remarkable insight. If she goes into politics, she has to be senator. If she goes into writing, she has to be the next Hemmingway. Often when she discovers she cannot measure up to these astronomical standards, she resigns from the activity, using the excuse, "if I can't be the best, what's the point?"

She works out hard, boxes, is attracted to strength and fighting. She used to have trouble with the law. She used to have a habit of collecting restraining orders, and harassing people. She has no regard for property. SHe used to vandalize and go around breaking car windows for the hell of it. She has tamed herself, but the aggression comes out in another ways. For example, instead of talking all the time in a class, she now gets attention by challenging the teacher on points that relate to the class discussion, but she does it in a clever way that will initiate responses.
Alot of the people in the class think that she is a showoff know-it-all.

She used to make up little games on the road, like how many red lights she can go through, or how many lawns she can run her tires over. She once bought a car for 150 bucks and went around driving it through gates, smashing it into dumpsters to watch people's reactions, knocking over stop signs, driving it through the woods, always in the company of others. In a week, she ruined it. She likes to see and create absurd circumstances.

She walked out of every job she had, save the one she has now. This job she has now was the first job she had in four years time. In that four years, she was living off tens and twenties she would bum off her parents from day to day.

She is sadistic to animals. She will tell her mom's dog to sit, and when the dog sits, she will tell it to sit in a sterner voice, over and over. The dog will get discouraged and whimper. And she will get a thrill out of it. She also likes to prove that she can absord more pain than anyone. A few times, she allowed others to whip her in the back with a belt, not in a sexual way, just on a dare that she could take the pain. She once let someone spray her with mace, and it was her goal to carry on normal conversation while her eyes were tearing in pain. When she was in high school, she would drive around downtown with friends on the weekend. Then she would see another girl, or a bum alone. She would make off her car broke down. She would get out to fix a tire, and when the person crossed her bye, she would ask if they could help her, or if they had a light. When they went to reach for one, she would stand up and hit them. IF it were another girl, she would hit her with a fist; if it were a guy, she would hit him with a pipe. Years later, she tells stories about her different victims with amusement. Once there was a guy drunk out of his mind on the curb. She was friendly with him, asking if he was awake. The guy was like "aargh." She stepped back, ran up and kicked him in the face, like she was punting a football. Once in her twenties, she stopped doing them. SHe is twenty-four now. But she will still laugh about it with people who were there.

She has done a lot of theatre in college. In a few of her plays, she tried to sabotage the actors' morales, the director's control, and the smooth functioning of practices.

Other times, she is quite the motivator. You feel confident in yourself when you are around her. You feel like you can accomplish big things too.

I can't think of anything else to say, other than I have caught her crying to herself during a movie, or being hugely inspired by a poem. She will read it outloud, pacing around the house, like she has just discovered the fountain of youth. Other times, she has shown a big amount of compassion for others, especially when she is around little kids. Her whole being transforms. She starts to talk and act like a child.

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