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Case study - Mike
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Case study - Mike

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on July 16, 2003 at 00:48:59:

Anybody has an idea about this persons type?

enneatype: E6?
Oldham: Vigilant, Leisurely, Agressive, or Conscientious Style?


This is a direct person who desires power and influence, but who also needs to be sure of his position in order to exercise this controlling element within his personality. He is a naturally subtle and sensitive person, however, despite his direct appearance. Indeed, the existence of both subtlety and directness in the personality probably causes problems for this person in various situations; he will often be unsure which approach to adopt. Experience shows that the more brusque side is usually put into operation.

Sensitive to subtleties and new concepts, this person is much more open-minded than his assertive and outgoing demeanour would suggest; although he will need to find a way of changing his mind without appearing weak-willed. This individual is also efficient and organised, and is capable of dealing with complex structures and involved problems.

Impatient in attitude, this person lacks persistence and is easily bored; this is likely to show as a lack of interest in long term or repetitive tasks; he wants results quickly. In addition, he does not have strong social instincts; others often perceive a person of this type as unfriendly or cold, due to his emphasis (perhaps over-emphasis) on structure and efficiency.

The key to understanding this personality is an awareness that for him personal goals override all other needs, be it social or organisational. In order to develop the confidence to achieve these goals, he will need to feel certain of his own position, and will want to avoid taking risks if he can.

This person is motivated by the achievement of personal goals, but his need for certainty of his own position before reaching for these goals is likely to disguise this innate self-motivation. If his goals are understood by the manager, who then helps him to achieve them, he will be likely to adopt a sort of loyalty to that individual; not true loyalty perhaps, but built on an understanding that the manager in question is an effective vehicle for goal achievement with minimal personal risk.
The key to achieving maximum productivity from this person is to provide him with sufficient certainty of his own position to give him the confidence to perform. It is important to be aware that this individual does have the ability to succeed if this structured and reliable environment is provided for him.

This individual wants precise and concise information out of training course. He picks things up quickly and it is important not to dwell on a point which has already been understood, as he has a very short concentration span and will quickly become bored and lose interest.
Training will be particularly effective for this person if he can understand how it will help him to achieve his own personal goals in life, or provide him with the means of consolidating his own position within the organisation.

Probably the most important training need for a personality of this type is the requirement to increase his span of concentration. At present, persistence is a factor which is not evident in this personality, and this will lead to a lack of ability to perform tasks requiring long-term investment of effort, such as projects with long time-scales, or repetitive jobs.

This type of personality is characterised by the brusque approach which those who possess it will adopt when interacting with other people. This is especially true of a negotiation, where he will expect efficiency and organisation from those with whom he is negotiating.
It is important when negotiating with this style that all possible facts are provided to back up a proposal; he will need to understand exactly what the consequences of his agreement would be before he can commit. In order to motivate him towards agreement, stress how acceptance of the proposal will enhance his personal responsibility and consolidate his present position, and also highlight any points relating to efficiency or increased productivity.

This person needs to carve a niche for himself within the organisation, being quite possessive about items within that niche ('my secretary', 'my desk', 'my computer'). This niche will preferably be one which provides him maximum possibilities for upward movement when he feels the time is right to try and follow that path. To those who work beneath him in the organisation he will often appear as an authoritarian taskmaster, concerned far more with efficiency and results than with their motivation and happiness.

This is not a team-oriented personality, unless he can manoeuvre himself into a position of sufficient power within the group to enable him to dictate solutions and use it more as a back-up system than a forum for the exchange of ideas. If this power is not available to him, he will tend to see the group more as a block to his ideas than as a useful way of developing them, becoming evasive and unwilling to open his ideas for discussion.

A strongly resilient character, this person can deal with large amounts of stress without ill effect; indeed, his or her performance may be enhanced to an extent in the presence of small amounts of stress. This person is currently experiencing some difficulties at work, although these are not sufficient to cause great problems.

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