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Hi there
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Hi there

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Posted by Debbie ( on July 28, 2003 at 20:02:19:

I have a friend whose day usually goes like this: Wakes up five in the morning, goes jogging a few miles. Goes to work at seven. Works outside doing physical labor until two-two-thirty. Comes home, eats, does a little reading. Then around four he goes to the gym. He boxes with the punching bag for six or seven three minute rounds, and he is really good. He used to do amateur boxing. Then he hits the free weights for a good hour and a half. Then he'll leave around six and grab something to eat. Then he goes to the college gym where he goes swimming. He does like a miles worth of laps and leaves. Its usually between eight and nine when he gets through with this. Then at nine o'clock, he goes to the rock gym, where he climbs indoor rocks for an hour or so. He comes home at ten o'clock, reads more(usually he has three or four books simultaneously.) Then he goes to bed.

I cannot imagine a person having this kind of energy. And he doesn't drink coffee. He is also in school, but says duty calls to him in the army. That there are things going on in the world he wants to be a part of. I said that he could die and he replied "I would rather die for courage and freedom then live everyday without it." He says that a lot of times he enjoys making his body suffer, because it gives him a weird kind of gratification, like knowing his will is alive or something like that. He is also very bold, in conversation and action, and he says that when others are around, his performances will dramatically increase. His goal is to bring principled leadership to the world.

What gets me is this man who I feel attached was largely the opposite of all this for like four years. He was a contemplater, an arguer, a rabble rouser, and a sensualist. He would drink every night, engage in wild behavior, and hardly worked out, preferring his slightly gifted body over the work of art he now tries to create. He was very philosophical before. Now he says overrationalism and philosophy lead to wasted action and laziness. Where now he talks about principles, before he was talking about money and power. One thing that remains a constant with him is his preoccupation with the "human will", mainly his. And another thing, he has never been neat, or as he calls it, a detail-oriented drone.

I know this is more a movie forum, but as far as accessibility is concerned, you are the best people to ask. What do you make of his personality? I really, really need to know. Thank you so very, very, very much, and in the future, I promise to post when I am able to.

Best wishes,

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