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Re: Fight Club
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Re: Fight Club

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 16, 2003 at 14:26:59:

In Reply to: Fight Club posted by Charlie ( on August 13, 2003 at 17:06:20:

***I saw this movie and did not like it. Matter of fact, I only made it through the first hour, then turned it off.
If was too nihilistic. No feeling.
I agree, both characters played the 5 stereotype in large.
I know especially after all the stuff I wrote on the fourboard, you'd probably thinking, 'huh?' why wouldn't I like it and get all 'thrilled' by the characters in it and what they're doing and so on and so on.
Well, I most certainly don't think that, and I'll tell you why.
There's no feeling in them. The two main characters, or anyone else. They have no feeling.
Both playing the stereotype 5 all-thinking all-male testerone-baloney stereotype with no feeling, no heart, no soul, no humanity, nothing.
What's so appealing about that?

I'm not saying you have to wear feeling at the end of your sleeve (to be appealing) spill your guts out and show the whole world your insides. I'm just saying people need to be human to be attractive. You need to be human *first*. All that other stuff means nothing if you're not human.

Whether the feeling is out on the forefront for the whole world to see, or
buried underneath, hidden somewhere barely no one can see it, if it's not there, you're not human, you're missing the point, and you're better off forgetting the whole ordeal because the point of being here on this earth in the first place is to be with others (who are also loving and human, not including those who are not) in a loving and human way. To extend feeling with others who also extend feeling with others. That's why we're here. That's the reason for relatioships. That's the reason for freindships. That's the reason for being with others.

On the other hand if you don't have feeling in you, then you are better off sticking with others who also don't. Which is probably what the people in this movie did. And those who do have feeling are better off without the ones who lack it, instead better off those who do just as they. Which is also why I had no interest in these people. Which is also why I choose to turn it off and leave. Right in the middle.

> Maybe you have seen Fight Club. IT came out a few years ago. What do you think style-wise of Brad Pitt's character, Tyler Durden?

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Tyler Durden has uninhibited sex, is carefree, spontaneous, and does things with an indifference to good and bad, pain or pleasure, but throughout the movie, there is a purpose to his actions, mainly to get back at society. In one scene, he holds a clerk at gunpoint and makes the clerk promise that he will go back to college or else he will be hunted down. Afterwards, Tyler turns to the narrator and says about the clerk, "tomorrow he will wake up and have the greatest meal of his life."

> Outside the bar, he asks the narrator Jack to punch him in the face as hard as he can. From there, the two have a fight, and after the fight feel a certain freedom. They have more fights, and soon other men want to join in the fights. Eventually, Tyler Durden begins what is called a fight club, where middle class working men fight one another in order to feel a certain bond. Tyler teaches them to reject all the ways of thinking about things like sex, religion, morality, marriage, and other norms that Western Civilization has regulated. His style is "to let the chips fall where they may...stop trying to be perfect...deliver me from clear skin and perfect teeth." When the narrator loses a tooth from a fight, Tyler says "even the Mona Lisa is falling apart." Within time, chapters of fight club open up allover the country, and are seen as a salvation to a generation of men "who pump gas and wait tables."

> Tyler embodies a primitive masculine way of life. Soon, his anti-consumerism turns into anarchic rage. Fight Club transforms into Project Mayhem, a group that goes around terrorizing the consumerist world(not hurting anyone physically). Their ultimate plan comes to fruition when they blow up the city's five credit card companies. Of course, Tyler Durden has been the group's charismatic inspiration, as he repeatedly reminded them that they are "the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world."

> This was taken from a movie review: "Tyler Durden is the embodiment of pure id: an existential nihilist, a sociopath with terrorist inclinations, inhabiting a dilapidated decaying brownstone on the edge of existence. He scavenges human fat from liposuction clinics to make into soap to sell back to the rich ladies it came from; urinates in the soup of the restaurant in which he works; and, moonlighting as a projectionist, he splices single frames of pornography into family movies. The disruption of the social ethic is his prime motivation."

> Charlie

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