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Re: Cnarlie: Does Human Life Have Vaule?
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Re: Cnarlie: Does Human Life Have Vaule?

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Posted by Charlie ( on August 17, 2003 at 14:04:00:

In Reply to: Cnarlie: Does Human Life Have Vaule? posted by Rich ( on August 17, 2003 at 13:13:04:

> Hello Charlie:
> What you seem to be saying that human life has no vaule, so its no big deal to kill off dissnters.... I don't agree for spiritual reasons. Howvever looking at this very cold bloodedly, no dared to tell Stalin that Hitler seemed to be getting to attack the USSR in 1941. Just as on the German side, nobody wnated to tell Hitler that his idee fixe might have tremendous problems! Even Machivelli said, " that its better to be feared than loved ", and that pppeople should expect to be punished when they goy out of line, not that they should be murdered out of hand! Rich

Well I think there is a fine line between executing your enemies, and just executing people for no reason. HOwever, it is not an exact science, but an art, so it takes rational judgement and a little instinctiveness to root out the dissenters.

I think it is more rational to murder one's enemies rather than punish them, as well as killing their next of kin. Always, always kill the next of kin. Even still, it is sometimes more virtuous to wipe out the whole family. Again, making these decisions are more of an artform than a science.

Regular good old fashioned punishment does not solve the problem in my opinion. It only gives your enemy time to collect his thoughts and reorganize. Like you, I think human life has value. But the dictator's life has MORE value, therefore his preservation is important enough to justify an execution. And what you are considering as intrinsic value, I am considering as extrinsic.

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