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Hexagon's extreme types;where are the rest?
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Hexagon's extreme types;where are the rest?

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Posted by Rich ( on September 02, 2003 at 03:32:50:

In Reply to: Hexagon's extreme MBTI types and Oldham posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 02, 2003 at 02:16:10:

> For those who have become too dependent on their preferences:

> Intuitives (Aliens): You follow impulses and convictions that are bizarre and meaningless. (Youíve proven me wrong. I guess a microwave-powered toaster-oven that generates poetry can be a practical invention.)

> >>>>>>>> Idiosyncratic Style

> Thinkers (Automatons): Leave the emotion aside, and then try to justify how you can act if you don't value the results; you will be left in a halt state.

> >>>>>>>> ? Vigilant Style

> Feelers (Babies): You may dislike disharmony and criticism, but crying and putting up a temper-tantrum is as effective as asking those who've caused the problem to change your diaper.

> >>>>>> Devoted Style

> Sensors (Animals): You live life around the weather and the food you eat. (Are you sure it isn't you who spills over my garbage or craps on my car?)

> >>>>>> ? Devoted Style

> Judgers (Automatons II): Youíre right... perfectionism and planning are of absolute necessity. But I guess you donít understand any of this since you didnít plan for it,, and the gramar erors MayB 2 dificult too overrlook.

> >>>>>>> conscientious style

> Perceivers (Transients): On second thought, living as a bum is not ideal for you... it may require too much effort and follow-through.

> >>>>>>> Leisurely style

> Introverts (Hermits): Iím not going to bother since your shack probably doesnít have Internet access.

> >>>>>> Solitary Style

> Extraverts (!): Why would anyone think that you always need to be heard?! It would be crazy to think that you require center-stage!

> >>>>>> Dramatic Style

Hello Jan:
But, Jan, any of the styles can be over-used, and maladaptive.... So where are the rest of them? Rich

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