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Difficult people - the old college try
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Difficult people - the old college try

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Posted by Rich ( on September 02, 2003 at 16:55:31:

In Reply to: Difficult people - some types posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 02, 2003 at 07:38:51:

> Anybody can type these?

> citation:
> This is something we all have to do at some time or other in our lives. It’s not encountering these sort of people that is the problem, but rather the affect they have on us and our feelings. In other words it’s how we deal with them. The trick is not to play their games. The following is a list of the type of person that you may have to come into contact with. I’m sure you can think of many more:

> 1. The Nosy Parker

> This type of person is on a mission to find out as much juicy information about you as possible. You rarely find out much about them. The nosey parker can in general be divided into 2 separate types: the ones who ask you direct questions that take you aback or the more cunning sort of NP. This sort will start off with general chit chat, even complimenting you, this can lull you into a false sense of security as they prepare to go in for the kill. Generally, the aim is to knock you off your guard and provoke some sort of reaction from you.
**** Aggressive Style; This sounds like the classic ENTJ, part of the interaction is to see if you stand up to them!

> 2. The Manipulator

> You will know you are in the presence of the Manipulator because you will feel controlled, a little like a puppet whose strings are being pulled. The Manipulator orchestrates everything towards their own ends. There is an ulterior motive even if they appear to be doing something for you. They will use you, abuse you and drop you like a hot potato when you are no further use to them.
****Saddly, this is the Self Confident Style. I heared this best expressed when I was in the army. A peer once remarked to me, " I have to be nice to people, because I may have to use them later."

> 3. The Victim

> This person is of the “Poor Me” variety. They tend to latch on to the nice caring person, who will take time to listen to them. They are not to be confused with someone who genuinely needs help. The world is against them. They phone you up, usually when you’re busy or watching your favourite TV programme and keep you on the telephone for ages. You end up feeling like a sponge.
****I Have way too much experience with the DEVOTED Style. I have 2 of them in my family, the above is how it is! It can eat up your avialable time if you let them....

> 4. The Meddler

> This person loves to stir things up! The technique they use is very cunning. Generally, they stir up a problem that was never actually there, especially if it involves a few people. Meddlers can be found in the workplace, classroom etc. When they’ve stirred everything up, they step back out of it. They get someone to fire the arrows for them.
****The Adventurous Style, I think....

> 5. The Parasite

> This sort of person is a freeloader. They always want something from you, be it your money, your time etc. Often they will turn up at your door expecting a favour or to be fed and watered. If they borrow money from you, you rarely get it back, and if you do it’s a struggle to get it.
**** This sounds like the Contrary-Leisurely Style, however most of us are more familiar with their offering advice, but not actually helping themsleves.

> 6. The Know It All

> Whatever you do they’ve done it already and can do it better. If you’ve just tried a new recipe for something they know the magic ingredients etc. An authority on everything and very boring to be around.
**** Dave Kelly's Inventive Style ( compensatory narcissism ) best fits this..... They are also boring, per Millon, because they go into their personal accomplishments, in mind numbing detail!
> 7. The Drama King/Queen

> This person loves centre stage and is prone to exaggeration and catastrophising. You will know when you are in the company of this person when you hear them relating tales to others. The things and events they describe are bigger, better or far worse than you remembered them. In fact the incident they recall sounds totally different to your perception of it.
**** The Dramatic Style; the 2W3 seems to best fit this. The ENFP does this too, but the listener understands that this done to make a whooping good story, and the facts don't limit the story!

> 8. The Wind Up Merchant

> This person takes great pleasure in winding you up, by pushing the right buttons. They take great delight in watching you get upset/angry/worked up etc.
**** This sounds like the 8W9, a mixed type of the Aggressive & Contrary-Leisurely Rich

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