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Helen Palmers definition of ' type 9'
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Helen Palmers definition of ' type 9'

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 04, 2003 at 12:13:48:

Still thinking about JP Balkenende; Helen Palmers description of type E9 came to mind. The core of this type is the mechanims that makes the person neglect own interests; minor things and the interests of other persons fill the mind of the type 9 to such an extend that there is no room for setting own interest at priority 1. Clearly this being narcotized to own needs can be very self defeating. In fact Palmer's description is a good text for the healthy person who when unhealthy becomes the masochistic-depressive personality as described by Ted Millon and John Oldham (self sacrificing style).


case text citation:

Lost Essential Quality: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, wherein everyone is of equal importance, belonging, and regard.

Compensating Belief: The world makes you unimportant and/or requires that you blend in.

Attention/Coping Strategy: Forgetting yourself and seeking belonging. Getting pulled away from personal priorities by external claims and priorities.

Trap: Seeking outside yourself for comfort and harmony.

Driving Energy: An INERTIA (SLOTH) toward yourself. Energy going into other people and many substitutes for your own priorities.

Avoidance: Conflict and discomfort by going along to get along, hence not getting dismissed.

Strengths: Excellent mediator, understanding, caring and supportive of others, adaptive.

Paradox: Neglecting yourself in pursuit of comfort produces discomfort.

Path of Development

Make self important.
Set own boundaries, limits, priorities.
Love self as well as others.
Accept discomfort and change as part of life.

Ultimate task: Reclaiming unconditional love for yourself and a sense of importance equal to that for all others.

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