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Re: Enneagram Barbie Dolls w/WINGS
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Re: Enneagram Barbie Dolls w/WINGS

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Posted by TheBlob ( on September 09, 2003 at 13:34:10:

In Reply to: Enneagram Barbie Dolls posted by Crooner ( on September 08, 2003 at 00:40:12:

> E1: Judge Barbie... peering over half-frame glasses at the defendant in a murder trial. We'll make her E1/9.

>E1/2: House Beautiful Barbie -- she poses with her posies

> E2: Social Worker Barbie... attending to the homeless at a soup kitchen. We'll make her E2/1.

>E2/3: Party Barbie -- wears clothes that would make Britney Spears blush

> E3/2: Olympic Iceskater Barbie... signing a multi-million dollar contract to be a spokeswoman for Pepsi. With sufficient public exposure and name-recognition, she may even consider running for governor of California.

>E3/4: MBA Barbie -- watch her reduce all the drooling men to credits on her income statements

> E4/3: Goth Barbie... in black vampiresque attire, reciting poetry at a coffee shop. Of course, this Barbie is as perfect as all the other
> Barbies. Her "defectiveness" is only her own perception.

4/5 mental ward Barbie --- NNNYYYYAAHHHHHHHHH! hospital gown and slippers only clothes required))))

> E5/4: Yogini Barbie... on a solitary, meditation retreat in the Himalayas -- seeking enlightenment and omniscience. What a loss to all the bachelors pining over her -- such a bootylicious tenderoni *choosing* to be alone!

>5/6 Silicon Valley Barbie -- she's fluent in 7 programming languages

> E6 (Phobic): Political Activist Barbie... an advocate for world peace, nuclear disarmament, and global environmental protection.

> E6 (CP): Commando Barbie... with accessories: parachute, scuba equipment, explosives, and submachinegun.

> E7: Epicurean Barbie... a tireless, globetrotting journalist, food critic, and vacation resorts evaluator for Conde Nast Traveler magazine.
(I imagine the 7 has a fabulous wardrobe)

> E8: Hell's Angel Barbie... Harley Davidson motorcycle sold separately.

> E9/1: U.N. Diplomat Barbie... negotiating for peace in war-torn regions of the globe.

>9/8 -- Nature Barbie -- runs the biggest horse breeding farm in California (the stallions love her)

(couldn't finish TYPES 7 & 8 but maybe later) --rAZ62

> Robin 5w4sx/sp, INTJ

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