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Re: Could only an 8 do this?
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Re: Could only an 8 do this?

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Posted by Dee ( on September 14, 2003 at 10:49:35:

In Reply to: Could only an 8 do this? posted by Sharlee ( on September 14, 2003 at 06:16:20:

> Rabbit Proof Fence is a true story of 3 aboriginal half caste girls forcibly taken from their mothers by the state authorities to live on a special station at Moore Creek, 2000 kilometres south of their bush homeland in Western Australia (a shameful part of Australia's history - the stolen generation). The eldest girl, Molly, 14, decided after a couple of days there that she did not like it, that the place was "bad" and so took her sisters (youngest aged 8)and ran away. Not knowing where they going except home, they just headed north until someone from a homestead on the way (they begged for food)mentioned the rabbit proof fence. Molly realised that the rabbit proof fence went past her home and so decided if they followed it, they would eventually reach home. Despite going across inhospital deserts, being tracked by expert black trackers and on one occasion taking the wrong fence, two of them made it home (the third girl was tricked by a fellow who said her mother was waiting for them at the railway station but instead it was the authorities). It took them 9 weeks all up (a fairly cracking pace for children of about 30km per day)and in the movie, it was Molly who was the determined one, who carried her younger sister when her feet were sore, who accepted help but was not naieve (and knew immediately when people lied to her), was ingenious enough to take opportunities, like taking socks off a homestead line so that she could evade the blacktracker.

> It was a tremendous physical feat and a courageous one given that she set off with a sngle aim - to get home and managed to get her two sisters to go along with her. When she finally did get home, her first concern in the movie was that she lost one (Gracie who got captured by the authorites). Several years later, she was recaptured and amazingly, she did the whole feat all again.

> Now old women, there is a picture of the real Molly at the end of the movie. She is short but stands erect with a firm glint and spirit in her eye - looks like an 8 to me. Could any other type not only have the courage to do this but also the stamina to see it through leading two others who would not have made it without her? 8's often get a bad rap - this is type 8 at its finest. I cannot really imagine any other type achieving this.

> Sharlee1w2

Hi Sharlee,
Yes, a Type 8 or Aggressive 6 or 7. Devote Type 1 wing keeps her focused on withstanding any desire to give in and give up.

Dee : )

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