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Cherry 2000 (1988) - demystifying type 4w5
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Cherry 2000 (1988) - demystifying type 4w5

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 18, 2003 at 01:06:59:

David Andrews (Graveyard Shift, Hannibal, Apollo 13) stars as Sam Treadwell, as somewhat well to do individual in the post apocalyptic near future. He prefers the company of a highly sophisticated pleasure bot, a model called Cherry 2000, to that of the messy entanglements of a relationship with a woman. Only problem is, during a romantic interlude, his Cherry 2000 get water in her system and suffers a complete internal meltdown. Removing the personality chip which contains voice patterns, mannerisms, etc., he sets out to find a replacement, which is easier said than done, as that model is nearly impossible to come by, and highly coveted. He gets a tip that there is a whole warehouse of the Cherry 2000 model in a warehouse, problem is the warehouse is located in wastelands, a highly restrictive and dangerous area.

This movie describes a future period in which its quite normal that men use robots for sexual services. Cherry 2000's ' character ' is like that of a superficial talking bimbo; clearly Dramatic Style.

The movie also shows a cult leader who is narcisistic variant of Adventurous Style, ' remember boys, life is an adventure!'

The we have the male protagonist, which Tom Condon describes as type 4w5. Obviously this character matches Oldham's Serious Style and Millon's Depressive Personality. Its all about nostalgia en melancholia, a profound sense of hopelessness but still plodding on (to get a new robot body), a sense of defectiveness, disappointment, depression, morbidity, pain and loss, being reserved/withdrawn, introjection (defense mechanism).

Freud already described the core of Depressive Personality in 1917/1925; ' Mourning and Melancholia' .

Why I don't like ' the ' enneagram is that different writers attribute different things to the types, with Riso the 4w5 type is mainly shy Sensitive Style and now with Condon its mainly Serious Style. Confusing!

The woman who guides the man throught the Zone is mainly fearless; ' never says no' to dangerous assignments: Adventurous Style.


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