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Re: Totally Blonde (2002)
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Re: Totally Blonde (2002)

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Posted by Dee ( on September 21, 2003 at 08:36:09:

In Reply to: Totally Blonde (2002) posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 21, 2003 at 06:09:38:

> Do blondes really have more fun? Meg Peters is a ' mint example ' of the Dramatic Style; a beautiful brunette who just cant seem to find Mr. Right, but with a little help from a bottle of blonde hair dye her love life kicks into full swing. When she meets Van Martin, the hilarious smooth-talking owner of the V Club, his velvet voice whips up the recipe for love. He seems to be some variant of Self Confident Style, when his narcissism is hurt he gets depressive. However, Megs romantic bliss becomes a bit more complicated when she runs into beach hunk millionaire Brad Wilson; a bully who likes to make people look stupid (Agressive Style, with Adventurous Style traits). Who will it be the gorgeous hunk or the guy whos really perfect for her? Filled with great music and swing dancing to spice up the superficial fun, watching her choose! Although this is a cheap B-movie, Meg Peters is good as Dramatic Style; probably because this is her real life character style. Her hedonistic/extraverted 7w6 behavior reminds me of Peg Bundy from the Married with Children tv series; bored because the supply of stimuli is not enough. There also is a narcisistic sub-color to her character; being fully preoccupied with own needs and getting into problems exactly because of that. Meg's girlfriend seems to be mostly Devoted Style, being passive and compliant susceptible to advances. She seems to adopt some of the extraverted behavior of her environment. Meg's boss seems to be Conscientious Style, the movie seems to use the ' trapdoor ' quality (secret longings) of this character style, which is also used by soft porn movie makers (the ' stern secretary getting horny-plot' )



Blondes appear to have more fun because they are able to wear vibrant summer shades, neon pink being one. It's all a visual thing, brought on by Marilyne Monroe etc. It depends on the shade of blonde as well. My mother is blonde, Finnish and when she came to Canada when she was in her 20's she said that men were whistling at her constantly. That was back in the 1960's. A typical sterotype, that's all it is.
I haven't seen this movie, and being that I too have blonde hair, I feel and think it's demeaning however I do have a sense of humour and have joked around and said, "oh, must be having a blonde moment" but I think it's more suitable when it's said from a blonde rather than a brunette etc.
I don't like the sexual exploitation that is geared towards women full stop! It seems that women are more the culprit behind this than men, using it to their advantage in a negative way. Now there is Debby Harry and she uses it not to exploit herself but to put the point across that it's so overrated.

Dee : )

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