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A Boy Called Hate (1996)
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A Boy Called Hate (1996)

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 21, 2003 at 13:34:36:

Anybody has an idea about the likely character styles of ' the boy ' and girl?


Steve is released from juvenile prison after serving time for car theft. His father isn't there to meet him. Disappointed, he has to make his own way home to his father in a run-down suburb of Los Angeles. His father's excuse s that he couldn't go out because the social security would be able to see that he isn't as disabled as he makes out. Steve tries to conceal his disappointment behind a mask of indifference. He has become used to adopting this nonchalant attitude, though this outward pose has begun to mirror his inner state of mind; soon he doesn't really care about anything. Steve sits alone in his room on his first night of freedom, and tattoos the word "Hate" on his underarm with a razor blade. He drives off on his motorbike, driving aimlessly around the outskirts of town. During this journey he is witness to an attempted rape of a young girl, by a well- dressed man, on the bonnet of his Mercedes. Steve stops his motorbike and intervenes, but is knocked aside by the man. In the scuffle that follows, Steve pulls out a gun and shoots the man. Steve and the girl, Cindy, flee on his motorbike. They realize that the police are never going to believe their version of what happened. Initially Steve and Cindy have difficulty making contact with each other because of their street-wise attitude. However, as they get further and further outside the pale of the law, they begin to lower their guard a little. Especially Steve tries to reach out to the extremely reserved Cindy. He has never met anyone more antagonistic than himself before. A Boy Called Hate is a film about two adolescents trying to escape from a tragic childhood, as they flee from the police in the film. Steve doesn't really care if he gets caught or not, and seems indifferent to whether he's caught dead or alive. According to the director Mitch Marcus, the difference between Steve and other adolescents who feel aggression and alienation is that Steve has a gun, which he doesn't hesitate to pull out. This is a growing problem in an America where more and more adolescents have access to weapons. They're not intended to be used, but if they find themselves in tight corner they react just like Steve; firing becomes a reflex. JK

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