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Charlie, Doesn't Apply To ME !
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Charlie, Doesn't Apply To ME !

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Posted by Rich ( on September 22, 2003 at 13:22:44:

In Reply to: Re: Mikko, Jan Should Be So Lucky posted by Charlie ( on September 21, 2003 at 23:44:26:

> Unfortunately, the 3's misperception is much graver than the 4's dilemma and much less relative to what I think. He spends most of his life wondering who he is, wears masks to push ahead in his superficial world, struggles with the emptiness that eats away at his ego whenever he is alone. Whenever he thinks he has found himself, he must ask, "is this really me? Is this who I am?" Theoretically, the answer is no. That part of him was severred from his conscious long ago, no matter how much he or his therapist deludes him into believing.

> Now Rich, maybe THAT kind of mystery and wonder is a sample to the full range of life, but you would have to agree that there is a very perverse, if not helplessly sad feeling towards the person endowed with these personalities. Sure, the other personalities have their setbacks too, but atleast they can be sure about who they are. I mean knowing yourself for certain is one of the greatest parts about being alive, especially when you don't have to waste years upon years doing so. Don't you think?

> Charlie

Hello Charlie:
I'm afraid that I must strongly disagree! I'm a 61 year old 3W4/ISTJ, and I don't have clue as to who I am, or even what I think life IS.... It doesn't keep me awake at nights.... Being a self-pres 3, I don't bother with the mask, different public personas, or image things. Its just a !:*Z waste of time! Instead I follow the Sensitive Style way, and hide the things that don't go over very well. Things like being a 3W4, as a matter of fact! As a 3W4 ( And Sensitive Style ), I'm here to tell you, that alot of people aren't very alert to whats going on. That's an extra advantage to those of us who are paying attention..... Frankly, the 3 you set up, sounds very unhealthy.... Somebody who spends too much time in introspection! As I like to remind people, " You can sit around and bubbler, or you can go out and do what you have to do. "

I have had experiences with 6W5s & 6W7s, are you really so sure that THEY are certain about themsleves? Or, about anything important? Rich

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