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Re: interesting topic!
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Re: interesting topic!

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Posted by ri ( on September 23, 2003 at 12:50:18:

In Reply to: Re: interesting topic! posted by Dee ( on September 23, 2003 at 12:34:32:

> > I've noticed that there is a taboo in our Western mainstream culture about men talking about women's physical properties. But its quite politically correct for women to talk about men's not-so-good-properties. ~~~~~~~~~~ Women don't generally discuss men's asses etc. When women do talk in vulgar generalities about men, I find it distasteful and so do many other people. I think as a general rule it's disrespectful to talk about people as though they were things. It shows a lack of class.

> > It's an interesting observation. Female stand up comedians make meat of men and everybody laughs. I know a few male stand up comedians who dare to make woman ridiculous and: most people don't dare to laugh or get angry.
~~~~~~~~~~~It has to be understood against the cultural bachdrop, the power differential etc. One sees the same thing in race relations. Black people have much more free play when talking disparagingly about white people than do white people about black (although personally I find it distasteful.) Humor is an available weapon for the weaker group. It's the way in which agression finds a safe outlet. When the stronger group uses it against the weaker, it becomes clear that it is agression, pure and simple - ugly because of the ways in which it has been used in more overt forms. Perhaps you are one of those males who don't think that women have been, and continue to be discriminated against. Your insensitivity is therefore justified in your mind.
I'm sure at some point P will chime in with a suggestion that I have the batteries to my vibrator checked, and you can have a good chuckle. I have to wonder however, with him being a Six and all, and prone to projection, whether its the batteries to his own vibrator that need to be checked. Or perhaps it belongs to his wife?

> > Why this difference?

> > JDB

> Hi,

> In a comedy club environment, anything goes. I'd say don't go if you can't take the truth or fabricated stories induced by our need to laugh at ourselves. The comedy clubs I've gone to, Yuk Yuk's - everyone get's picked on, everyone!

> Oh, and to answer your question - it's a respect thing, "the wrath of a woman."

> Dee : )

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