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Re: interesting topic!
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Re: interesting topic!

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Posted by ri ( on September 24, 2003 at 08:44:26:

In Reply to: Re: interesting topic! posted by Jan ( on September 24, 2003 at 00:39:25:

> Do women still consider themselves to be the weaker party?
~~~~~~~~~~~I think we should be careful when we use words like "weaker" - I think women are more vulnerable. Some of this is biological, but much of this is built into our systems of relating and hence changeable. (I think black people, at least in most western societies, are more vulnerable than white people as well - but again, I think this is because of societal conditions.)

Would most of them still feel themselves dependent on males (to get children, money and supply family care), more than man feel this towards women, anno 2003? Perhaps a biological link: woman needing a stable bond and males basic instinct being trying to fertilize as many women as they can?)
~~~~~~~~~~~I think a woman's "dependance" on males is determined in large part by cultural considerations. If society made more allowances for the fact that women do 100% of the child bearing, women wouldn't be dependent on men. There is still widespread discrimination in the work force and a poor social support network - this is what makes women vulnerable. (Women who live in clans, are likewise less vulnerable. The nuclear family has not been especially kind to women.)
I personally have very little respect for the "men want to spread their seed theory," while of course, the women are bonded only to their men. (Don't flatter yourselves guys!) If you look at *actual* men, instead of the hypothetical ones who exist in evolutionary theory, you'll find that many of them want a stable emotional bond. And women are just as likely to commit infidelity as men. Most studies indicate that men benefit more in terms of physical and emotional health than do women from stable relationships, so I hardly think that stable relationships for men are somehow "against nature."

> (I used P's posting to make a provocative message, but the issue really is interesting to me)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Interesting. I thought you were just being boorish! My mistake.

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