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Charlie, Maybe You Are trying Too Hard....
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Charlie, Maybe You Are trying Too Hard....

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Posted by Rich ( on September 24, 2003 at 16:54:20:

In Reply to: Re: Compensatory Naracissism & Inventive Style posted by Charlie ( on September 24, 2003 at 11:10:31:

> So tell me how successful you have been with these predictive abilities. Have you utilized them in your career to offer some fresh insight in your field? Any big business ventures? Maybe you had a hell of gambling streak in your hayday.
Hello Charlie:
From your viewpoint, I use it for " minor matters ". I was a big help in my career. I got 22 months of full pay to take the buy-out. Almost of the employees in the L A Area had more Seriority. I did the honorable thing and let them know what I forsaw.... They chose to ignore my warnings; there were plenty of bitter protests to both the union & company about my leaving! ( The amaount was close to 100K ! ) I must admit that I had a secret source in the district office, but they didn't believe that either.... Mostly, I can often tell how amovie or book is going to turn out as soon as I see the set-up. This so common, that my wife starts asking almost as soon as the movie starts, " who done it ".

> As an ENTP, exciting ideas and implications race through my head all day long, but they hardly ever find their way into reality because 1) I donot hold interest in them long enough and/or 2) I feel just satisfied having thought about them to the point I don't care to concretize them. Usually, talking about them to others is the closest I'll get to their realization. This is so far my baddest habit, besides my constant need to try and manipulate, control, and exploit others, including friends, in a classic indirect style. Yes, my conscious self is not proud of that anymore and wants to become more sincere. But its so natural to be a snake that its tough to catch myself in the moment. I'm trying to figure out if I do it for pleasure, control, validation, or just as an end in itself. I have a suspicion that its for validation, which would mean I'm an image-conscious phony pragmatist. My classic internal struggle pits a need to be rigidly sincere against a need to be demonically manipulative.

Charlie, it sounds like you have a lot of narcissism yourself, of either kind.As a 3W4/ISTJ, I believe that you don't get anything for being 2nd place.... However, if you are really good, you can play fair and still win! I have found that its much better to avoid being manipulative for purely common sense reasons.... After awhile, how can you tell what is honest, and what is just a result of your manipulations? Personally, I don't want to take the time to remember all my lies, keep my stories straight ,and be " sincere " This is a clear case where doing the right thing, is indeed the easy way out! Rich

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