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Re: Dee, E 6 Predicitive Ability
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Re: Dee, E 6 Predicitive Ability

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Posted by Dee ( on September 24, 2003 at 18:32:07:

In Reply to: Re: Dee, E 6 Predicitive Ability posted by Dee ( on September 24, 2003 at 08:09:17:

> > > > Hello Everybody:
> > > > Yesterday, Charlie mentioned to me, " the grim epxeriences & frustration of living with compensatory narcissism." As most of you know, my styles are strongest to weakest: 1 Serious, 2 Inventive, and 3 Sensitive. Dave Kelly when he defined a compensatory narcissistic style, the Inventive, used as a model the MBTI, ENXP ( x=T/F ) . Now, those of you know that the ENP's biggest problem, is staring things, but losing interest and moving on to new projects, before completing the old ones, see the great weakness of the Inventive Style. If the Inventive is not coupled with a work style-Serious, Conscientious, and Aggressive, not much concrete work is going to get done, and you have just image & illusions of things done.

> > > > Through no action on my part, my 2 strongest styles balance each other off, and prevent excess from either style...! My continuing frustrations come from the Sensitive Style's Vigilant like scanning of the environment, the ability to listen to what is said, how it is said, double meanings, unspoken things, etc. The Inventive Style allows me to rapidly see the impications, and what can be done with the situation.... These styles are things that I was born with, and never tried to attain, merely learning how to use their powers, hit or miss like everybody else.... Its sometimes maddening to me, to be quick enough to grasp these things, and have others want me to explain in detail, when its so " obvious "! Rich

> >
> > > Hi Rich,

> > > I hear you. What situation comes to mind where you saw something as "obivious"?

> > > Dee 4w3 INFP alter ego J and strong on type 2 & 5. : )

> > Hello Dee:
> > I have the E 6 predicitve ability, at which I am very accurate. I could see in the 1990s that our jobs at AT & T were going away. My peers didn't want to face up to what was coming....

> > I have a funnier story. In September ,1975, the L A Times ran lenghty stories on all the likely candidates. Somebody late in the month, who was going to win, I blurted out Jimmy Carter. Well, I was stuck. At first, everybody asked, "Who the H*** is Jimmy Carter? " Then it was, " He'll never make it. " Finally, it was, " How could you have know that? " It was a long time from Sept, 1975 to Nov, 1976! Rich

> Hi Rich!

> Very interesting!! I too have predictive abilities however I still haven't won the lottery..lol. I'll tell you of a couple later.. got to go.

> Dee : )

I'll tell you of a couple later.. got to go...

Whenever I get involved with a situation, like starting my new job or a relationship I'm always able to see the outcome before it happens. Believe me, I don't set out to manipulate the circumstance but overall it just happens that I can foretell what I call the inevitable. I try my best, I say "Dee, now come on, stop thinking like that!!" but low and behold my gut instinct is so strong that sure enough my prediction becomes the reality. eg. I was watching the Formula One with my mom and I jumped in my seat and said, "mom, that car is going to smash into the people in the pit stop!" She looked at me and back to the TV where the car then drove in to the pit stop and Wham! the car hit three of his crew! There was no indication this was going to happen, even the commentators were saying that it was a freak accident. My mom just looked at me and shook her head. She's use to me.

Dee : )

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