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Eye of the Beholder (movie, 2003)
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Eye of the Beholder (movie, 2003)

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Posted by Fergus ( on September 30, 2003 at 00:38:37:

I come and go from this site for periods of time, and I'm glad I happened to stop by again on this side of October first. Anyway, I stopped by to mention a movie I watched tonight. It's called Eye of the Beholder, and it stars Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd. It is not in any way your typical romance movie, and it probably isn't what is derisively known as a chick flick. It's about a British intelligence agent, played by McGregor, who falls in love with a beautiful murderess, played by Judd, whom he has under surveilance. One of the most immediate Five themes here is watching who you love from a distance instead of interacting with her. They don't even meet until the end of the movie. There is also the element of dark obsession. The two types at the bottom of the Enneagram tend to be more comfortable with and more fascinated by darkness than other types. And this is a movie about a man who loves a murderess, fully knowing that's what she is. Another Five theme in the movie is loss. McGregor's character has lost his wife and daughter, Judd's character has lost her father. McGregor's character is even regularly haunted by the apparition of his daughter Lucy. Although loss is also a common theme for Fours and Nines, it strikes me as having a Five character in this film. It does not brood over loss and indulge in pain like a movie by the Four Ingmar Bergman. Nor is there any suggestion of the loss of self that supposedly happens when Nines fall in love. The characters never get lost in each other.

What may be an interesting bit of symbolism in the movie is the name of Judd's character, Joanna Eris. Eris is the goddess of discord, and Joanna Eris lives a life of discord. (As a side note, the goddess Eris can sometimes be seen on the devilishly Fivish cartoon The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy).

I would say that McGregor's character is probably a Five. He has the demeanor of a Five, plays by his own rules, and acts like a heroic Eight only when something really important is at stake. Eris might also be a Five, but there are also suggestions of type Three. She regularly changes her appearance, and she tells a blind guy she's involved with that she's with him because he can't see who she really is. Still, she doesn't behave in an overtly Threeish way, and I suspect the story was written by a Five. I don't expect that Fives are normally as homicidal or as brutal as Eris. There are also some suggestions of type Eight with her. Her murders are one suggestion of this. Another is what the vision of Lucy, McGregor's daughter, keeps telling him about Eris, which is that he shouldn't leave her because she is just a girl. Of course, it may be appropriate to understand fictional characters as aspects of the author's type instead of individuals with their own clearly defined types. In this respect, I would say that Eris is the Eight shadow of a Five, or even a mixture of shadow and anima with a focus on a Five's Eight side.

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