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Star Trek Captains, American Presidents
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Star Trek Captains, American Presidents

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Posted by Fergus ( on October 04, 2003 at 17:50:04:

Even since the Enterprise series began, I've been noticing that Captain Archer and President Bush are both type Eight, and Archer has been reminding me a lot of Bush. This led me to consider the possibility that other Star Trek captains have been based on American presidents. Here are the parallels that occurred to me.

James T. Kirk -- John F. Kennedy

Jean-Luc Picard -- Ronald Reagan

Benjamin Cisco -- Bill Clinton

Kathryn Janeway -- Hilary Clinton

Jonathan Archer -- George W. Bush

Although Johnson was president when Star Trek began, Kennedy was more popular. Kirk and Kennedy both seem to be charismatic Threes.

Reagan was president when Star Trek: The Next Generation began. Reagan was the oldest man to serve as president, and Picard was the oldest man to serve as captain of the Enterprise. I'm not sure of their types, though.

Bill Clinton was president when Deep Space Nine began. They might both be Nines, but I'm not sure. Aside from being different races, they do resemble each other.

Bill Clinton was still president when Voyager began, but the idea was going around that his wife Hilary was the real power behind the presidency. At this time, Kathryn Janeway was the first woman captain to star in a Star Trek series. I'm not sure of their types or even if they're the same type. I have not paid enough attention to Hilary Clinton to know her type.

Now George W. Bush is president, and the current Star Trek captain is very much like him. In fact, the plotline of the new season is clearly based on Bush's own war on terrorism. Earth has been attacked by some mysterious aliens known as the Xindi. It's like 9/11 but on a larger scale. The Xindi have killed millions of people, including the sister of one of the crew.
Now Archer and the crew of the Enterprise are on a mission to find the Xindi homeworld.

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