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Jan's Forum on Character Styles Archive
in Movies, Literature, and Public Life
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Conscientious Sensitive Vigilant Dramatic Aggressive Idiosyncratic Solitary
Leisurely Serious Self-sacrificing Devoted Self-confident Adventurous Mercurial

"Personalities are like impressionistic paintings. At a distance, each person is 'all of a piece'; up close, each is a bewildering complexity of moods, cognitions, and motives." - Theodore Millon

Welcome! Please respond to Jan's enneatype reviews or post your own. We strongly encourage you to supply arguments WHY you think someone is a particular character style. Just mentioning the type doesn't help other visitors to learn about the enneagram or other personality system, and also makes discussion impossible. So try to supply specific behavioural 'symptoms' or sentences which validate your opinion. See Jan's intro to the forum.

Off-subject or offending messages can and will be erased.

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