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Re: excessive pickiness (or is it?)
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Re: excessive pickiness (or is it?)

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Posted by Emily ( on February 02, 2003 at 19:00:25:

In Reply to: excessive pickiness (or is it?) posted by pork ( on February 02, 2003 at 17:21:55:

> What do you think? I.e., what's your E-type, your instinctual variant, and your opinion on the matter I've discussed above? Also, it's one thing to concede that "double-dipping" is bad manners "according to the books," but does it personally disturb you?

4w5 INFP, Sexual. I can't seem to function until I've had my shower for the day...it makes me feel like I can't move. With things like dishes, ours are always washed well either by a machine or by hand with soap and water. Sometimes, though, a glass will tip over in the machine and fill up with the rinse water of all the other dishes in there, and that's pretty nasty. Most are content to just rinse it out but I let it run again.

I'm a little bit obsessive with dishes being rinsed well. When I was little I remember filling up a glass of water, taking a drink without looking, and getting soap bubbles and foam in the mouth. Someone hadn't rinsed it out from washing it. Ever since even the hint of the smell of soap on a dish and I get sick to my stomach. It needs to be rinsed completely. I also have a hard time even touching dish rags. People reuse them a few times before washing them in my house and that really grosses me out, the smell and thought of what the hell is on that rag. I also can't easily stick my hand into a sink full of dirty dish water and I wash them (my hands) immediately afterward.

I can't stand bad smells. The smell of burps (oh gross...) and farts and bad breath and other nastiness makes me feel like I want to vomit. But maybe that's normal...

But then again, I seem to be very sensitive to tastes, smells, sounds, etc, in general. Sounds above a certain volume make me cry, when other people seem to be just fine. I almost went deaf as a child and had to have tubes in my ears and some other procedure done that I can't remember, so that might have something to do with it.

It makes me depressed when the house is dirty, or the cabinets are not orderly. I spend time cleaning out the refrigerator only to find that an hour later someone has moved the margarine... definitely upsetting.

But that's more about order than the types of things you were talking about.

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