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The answer to wanting what you cant have
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The answer to wanting what you cant have

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Posted by Margaret ( on February 03, 2003 at 19:59:58:

I thought about an earlier fourbaord post taht asked "how do you deal with wnating what you can't have?"
And I thought a good answer, which is "by focusing on what you CAN have".

And that's a cool answer, except, the obstacle I run into next is, "how do you know what is within your reach/ ability/capacity of having or not?"

I don't want to spend more time thinking about this 'dream home' future life I keep wishing for if it's not going to be within my reach. I only want to start focusing on how I can make my current life better, espeically on the weekends and evenings when I get home, because that's when I am most vulnerable to feeling lonely and wanting a nice home life to live in. All it does is make me impatienct and I end up demanding things that are not within reach and then it just gets even more frustrating not feeling like I'm accomplishing anything.

How can I learn to scale down my ambitions? My wants and dreams to making thme more realistic? I don't want to spend another summer disappointed and unhappy because I don't have my dream boat and home on the lake again. I don't want ot be miserable because my slary is no where near me being abel to save for downpayment, much less vacation, new wardrode, etc.

How can I focus on making this year more enjoyable in a realistic way without getting frustrated I don't have soemthing wihtin reach?

Sometimes it doesn;t seem like *any*thing is within reach? I'm starting to wonder, maybe there really ISn't *any*thing within reach??? But I can't live like that. I need some thing within reach. I need something that I can realsitically accomplish and feel satisfied with afterwards in my life. I have not got this feeling in so long. And it's so frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?

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