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Re: The answers
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Re: The answers

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 04, 2003 at 16:17:03:

In Reply to: The answer to wanting what you cant have posted by Margaret ( on February 03, 2003 at 19:59:58:

FP: I did not mean to change the topic, but I thought you would l like to know. I will respond to your post later. Don't give up on your future dreams, while you deal with what is available to you now, for now. Can you go to college? (A free service Scholarships: www.fastweb.com They will send you free scholarship information according to what you filled out on the forms) You will make friends in college. Do you have any coffee shops that looks creative that attracts creative people like yourself? A lot of time, they are near colleges and universities somewhere.

FP: It takes one day at a time. Maybe, you can do a Yahoo advance search on Enneagram and/or your other interests as you search for people in your area and contact them on IM and/or Email and see what happens.

FP: I met two nice girls in front of one of those eccentric coffee houses and made friends with them. I was shy about taking our friendship beyond that long night together, but I am glad that I did. Froggy enjoy them too. We have a wonderful bond. They are interested in the Enneagram now. One is definately a 6 and Froggy can relate to her quite a bit. And the other one is confused between a 2 and a 7. Her friend sees her with 7 traits according to Riso Quest test and Froggy says she is a 2. She is so sweet, caring and loves to party! Definately a positive outlooker!

> Are you KB? Where is DEECEE? WHo was the guy that called me Friday? I didn't get his caller ID number, but I got the message and heard the music in the back ground. I thought it was DEECEE. But now I see all these IP addresses are the same. That makes me wonder. Who was getting my email this whole time? Who sent me the earlier emails before? I want to know now, is this you KB playing around, screwing with people's minds and lives? Or is DEECEE really there, but you keep screwing up IDs?

FP: Oh my god, he has your phone number! He write you emails? You know you can block his emails and phone calls, right? Perhaps, you can ask someone who knows the real DEECEE's email address to confirm whether or not you were emailed by the real DEECEE or K.B. If it has started recently, then it is more than likely to be K.B. The real guy has not been here for a very long time.


FB: Most of us are ignoring K.B./DEECEE because he is not real, just like Emily says. He has other characters that he plays too. Check out all the IPs addresses, if it is not Mel/Missy, then it is more than likely one of K.B.s characters, even those strangers that pops up and disappear on the Four board who are seeking advice pretending to have problems are also K.B. He is very deceptive and possibiliy mentally ill, so I am avoiding him. I thought he was nice at first, but I was deceived too and greatly disappointed. I don't like liars and won't talk to them, even if it is my own mother. I don't care. You can't have a real relationship with anybody, not even abstract ones on the board with liars. It is not real if it based on lies and deception.

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