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Re: excessive pickiness (or is it?)
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Re: excessive pickiness (or is it?)

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Posted by Mel ( on February 04, 2003 at 23:24:08:

In Reply to: excessive pickiness (or is it?) posted by pork ( on February 02, 2003 at 17:21:55:

> Most etiquette books will tell you that you shouldn't double-dip in a communal dip, or eat from a communal serving spoon, or drink from a communal beverage container (e.g., a public milk carton, a punch bowl).

> Those behaviors disgusted me on a visceral level long before I ever read an etiquette book, thus I discovered, much earlier, that our culture was divided into two kinds of people - those who revolt at such behavior, and those who shrug their shoulders and have no idea what the big deal is with the "strange" concerns of the former people. (Some of these people don't even mind sharing toothbrushes.)

> I have noticed the nonchalant attitude in some Nines; the numerous Nines in my family consider me something of an space-case weirdo on account of my cleanliness concerns. When I eat dinner with them, I spend several minutes beforehand washing my silverware with soap and hot water. I know it wasn't washed after the last meal; it was just held under the tap for a few seconds. It often bore telltale grime. Most of their glasses and mugs were visibly caked on the inside, so I never used them.

> Despite my somewhat amusing experience in a household of Nines, I don't really have much reason to hypothesize that the nonchalant attitude is correlated with Enneatype. It might be correlated with instinctual variant, though.

> What do you think? I.e., what's your E-type, your instinctual variant, and your opinion on the matter I've discussed above? Also, it's one thing to concede that "double-dipping" is bad manners "according to the books," but does it personally disturb you?

i always suspected that of the dishes. I just figured nah they couldn't not wash their dishes. Its beyond me, as to how anyone can use dirty dishes or not wash them, and just rinse them off. maybe that comes from living with an 1 mom, the whole house, everything dishes, floor was always clean.

In my brief venture of living on my own, I did most of the cleaning, if not all of it. and I was just astonished at my social 4w3 roomate habits, and nonchalant attitude of cleaninless. oh that doesn't matter, the dishes can sit there in a pile for the two days. heh.

double dipping is a no-no!! its causes germs. and just not nice to the other person. I notice it, though. and the only time I might say something is when I'm using the same bowl. otherwise, its not all that much of my concern.

my whole take on this cleaninless thing is that I am mostly concerned with keeping things clean so I don;t get as sick as often, due to me having a low immuine system. get them nasty germs! :)

i'm a 4w5, I'm not sure what my instinctal variant is.
> ^(oo)^

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