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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday
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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 05, 2003 at 12:44:20:

In Reply to: Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday posted by coo ( on February 05, 2003 at 02:23:40:

> > > Those in England have already seen the interview of Micheal Jackson. I would love for the Britians tell us about that interview. I am looking forward to seeing this interview on Thursday, probably at 7pm for me. It is 8 pm eastern/ 7 pm central

> > > He says if he heard all children were dead from the planet, he says he would jump off the balcony (suicide). He wants to adopt a boy and a girl from each continent. How sweet and wonderful. I saw him on Entertainment Tonight. If I had his type of money, I could afford many houses in India and maybe other parts of Asia to give Asian girls a home to protect them from becoming prostitutes, slave laborers or homeless beggers. I want them to have a right to a positive future as much as possible. With Micheal Jackson type of money, I could afford to have enough land to build chapels, temples and whatever building is needed to house each of the girl's religions. I want a villiage of these girls. :o)

> > > Flower Pagan

> > We had it here last night but i only saw about 5 mins. I think his music was great before he became delusional (says he only had plastic surgery twice on his nose). There are certain things about him that the media can and does give him a hard time about, but he's also (as they say) wacko.

> I watched the full hour or whatever totally agog!
> Yea sure "how sweet"-but the guy is medicated beyond belief! And the "general pblic" are responsible for perpetating this horrible public disintegration of a man as he is...yuk...it was sad, sad, sad...
> If it was an ordinary parent who made his children wear masks and hung children over balconies they would be under intense scrutiny and rightly so!
> I think he gets away with murder all for the sake of entertainent.
> One thing was clear his heart is in the right place but he shold not have children in his care!
> morbidly fascinating!

FP: Why do you feel he should not have children in his care? They did show on a celebrity news show that he did have a tight grip on the child. Elizebeth Taylor was his advocate asusual. They did give him a hard time for hanging his baby over the balcony in the US, and they did not let it rest. That is why he left America because Americans are always harrassing him and giving the sensative soul a hard time because he is WEIRD! He always had a sad life, especially in childhood as he hides under the table. I am looking forward to tomorrow night when I will have a chance to see the 2 hour special on Micheal Jackson. Could Fours be a child as adults, like the positive outlooker triad (2, 7, 9)?

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