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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday
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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 05, 2003 at 13:07:25:

In Reply to: Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday posted by Perciever ( on February 05, 2003 at 12:09:04:

> > Those in England have already seen the interview of Micheal Jackson. I would love for the Britians tell us about that interview. I am looking forward to seeing this interview on Thursday, probably at 7pm for me. It is 8 pm eastern/ 7 pm central

> > He says if he heard all children were dead from the planet, he says he would jump off the balcony (suicide). He wants to adopt a boy and a girl from each continent. How sweet and wonderful. I saw him on Entertainment Tonight. If I had his type of money, I could afford many houses in India and maybe other parts of Asia to give Asian girls a home to protect them from becoming prostitutes, slave laborers or homeless beggers. I want them to have a right to a positive future as much as possible. With Micheal Jackson type of money, I could afford to have enough land to build chapels, temples and whatever building is needed to house each of the girl's religions. I want a villiage of these girls. :o)

> > Flower Pagan

> ***Unfortunately that freak is a pedeophile and likely abuser of his own kids.

FP: What do you based this statement on? I am curious. Do you based it the story with the celebrity boy that he slept in the bed with many years ago? Is it because he love children so much and feels more comfortable around them, I feel that way too, so does that make me a pedophile? I would probably want to jump off the balcony with him if there were no more children in the world because it would make me loose hope and forget what life is about. Micheal looks like a kid trapped in an adult body which people have failed to recognized. It takes one to know one, I suppose.

FP: I miss children when I don't see them. I wish I had children of my own to have fun with because I enjoy a lot of things that is fun to children, which is prefered over going to clubs drinking, dancing and talking about nothing. I like the same shows they like, and I think science shows and museums are fun too! I love the Disney channel and Froggy loves Cartoon Network, is that different from Micheal or are we in the same boat as he is in? Last night, we watched the Powerpuff Girls together.

FP: A world without children isn't worth living in, so I can agree with Micheal on that one. Can you imagine, no toys, no games, no cartoons, no science shows for kids, no Disney, no game centers, no remote control cars, no a whole lot of things? No little people to laugh and play with that reminds us of our true youthful nature, and the world would become to serious and adult oriented. That is so sad.

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