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Let's get logical about astrology.
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Let's get logical about astrology.

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 05, 2003 at 17:15:13:

In Reply to: Re: help please posted by pork ( on February 05, 2003 at 15:33:44:

> > Astrology? We're dealing with science here, not superstition. Horoscopes can be manipulated to apply to everyone, but this enneagram stuff is fo' real, fo'shizzee. But if you wanna talk horoscopes, all I know is that I'm a Pisces and we're basically the best of all the signs. Hope I helped!

FP: I agree with you on everything you have said, even with Pisces being the best sign, well especially among those who are more enlightened. LOL

> For a while I thought I was a Gemini. I thought "I make the perfect Gemini." Then I found out I was actually a Cancer. I thought "I make the perfect Cancer." I was right both times. I also make a good Lion and Capricorn, and any other, really. Nat X is correct in implying the fluffy chicanery of astrological portents. Though horoscopes are not "real" astrology, they do extend its spirit of essential meaninglessness.

FP: I am supposed to be a Pisces, but so is my twin brother who is the total opposite of me! I am more of a 9 and he is an 8 with a bad attitude. I know another Pisces is very domineering and controlling, maybe, she is an 8, but she is nothing like my brother. I think she is bossy Two, she is outgoing and loud, who was born on the same date as my brother and I. I know a girl who was born on a date, just one day earlier, but she is more to herself. She appears to be nobby to some people. She was my classmate and neighbor. I have seen countless people who were born around the same day or close to it or the same month, and I don't see the correlation. Our motivations and fixations are also far apart from one another. Atleast with the Enneagram, people's motivations are just about the same in types and similar in triads, one way or another.

> The Enneagram is of a different mettle. I make a good Four, natch. I don't make a very good Seven, Eight, Two, or Three. I might be said to make a good Five, Nine, or One, but only upon consideration of certain common behavioral similarities (many Enneagram enthusiasts don't even realize it's necessary to look beyond this level). Finally, I make a pretty bad Six, which actually good from the viewpoint of Six-dom, since I lack most of the ego-pitfalls of this type (preferring other, equally bad ego-pitfalls).

FP: In the healthy range, I would make a good 2, 7, 9 depending on my mood and what the situation calls for. On the unhealthy level in behavior, I would make a good 1, 5, 9. On a day, my body is going through changes and tired, I probably would make a good 2 or 4 and show more emotions. LOL

> To disarm: Read Riso and Hudson's books, and remember that while you may have characteristics of both wing subtypes, one will predominate. Be honest with yourself.

FP: I love Riso and Hudson's work. I think I have all their books (I think) and ready to buy the newest one.

> ^(oo)^

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