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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday
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Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday

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Posted by coo ( on February 06, 2003 at 00:40:11:

In Reply to: Re: Interview of a famous Four on Thursday posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 05, 2003 at 12:44:20:

I don't know what you guys are talking about?

Do you have children? Have you watched it?

I have a child with intellectual disabilities-not that that makes me any more entitled to comment...I am also a fourÖand when I publicly hold my infant child over a balcony for whatever childish excitable, prideful reason, I would expect to be called on it!

I have sympathy for him But I also have sympathy and understanding for my incredibly abusive mother(4) and father(8) and every other unhealthy person who abused me in my childhood but that doesn't mean I should put aside my logic and insight and embrace fellow fours without questioning their state of mind in regards to children. I donít support my friendís weaknesses and I would hope they donít support mine!
He is extremely unstable and he needs help not pity and not blind encouragement....as do we all!

You guys obviously, think I' being too harsh but I've seen the negative effects of bad parenting (like we all have), and I don't think it should be supported. Iím certainly glad I got my shit together...I wouldn't have trusted myself or inflicted myself on my daughter when I was medicated and delusional and depressed and sad and entranced!!! The whole cycle would be perpetuated. God forbid! Give me wisdom and insight and honesty AND true compassion any day.
Like I said, his heart is in the right place. And Iím not really saying his kids should be taken away from him! I do think he gets treated differently because he is rich and famous and, it seems, because he is a 4!.
I was an actress and have many well known friends and admit, since moving into film directing, have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about the cult of celebrity-esp: actors!!!!!

I agree with yo- he is like a childÖand children can have the best of intentions but lack the self awareness and wisdom(not to mention responsibility), that it takes to raise another human being well. Surely that is obvious despite the seemingly mafia-esque loyalty to 4ís.
I feel that this is a ridiculous conversation, Elizabeth Taylor etc...are we supposed to wallow in our collective pain going on about how much 4s suffer and how much empathy we have as 4's or work at redemption, transformation and evolution?

I don't think his music is particularly expressive at all. The stuff that is emotional seems to come from his stress point-2! But believe me I love "Thriller" like everybody else!
Anyway I shold stop becase I' feeling a little out of control myself right now!

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